Fitness Challenge: Two Weeks Down and Plateaued on Weight Loss

Last Updated on May 3, 2017 by Michael Brockbank

I can safely say that this week was a bit of a disappointment for me. I am still at 236.6 pounds after the last seven days. However, I am pretty sure I know why. A lot of it has to do with my inability to stop snacking. Another part of being plateaued may be caused by increasing muscle density.

Plateaued or Muscle Density?

Plateaued Weight LossI have added a few more exercises into the mix as of late. I am striving to break my personal record for planks, so I added a bit of ab work this week. Plus, I’ve started stretching more and am toying with the idea of doing some yoga. No…I do not have tight shorts. No one wants to see that.

Although my eating habits really didn’t help much this past week, I did notice a bit of a difference in my physique this morning. Even one of my tank tops fits a little loser than it used to. This leads me to believe that even though the scale says I plateaued at 236.6, I am still losing mass.

This is because muscle weighs more than fat. So, let’s take a look at what I did this week to improve myself.

Calories Burnt this Week: 21,503

Essentially, I burnt the equivalent of just over six pounds worth of calories. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Sure I burnt 21,500 calories, but I also have to eat to survive.

This breaks down to an average of 3,071 calories per day. This is poor in comparison to the first week. Yeah, that’s probably another reason why I plateaued a bit for weight loss. Can’t really burn fat if you’re not moving around.

I think part of this is because I had a lot of shopping to do the first week. This meant I was all over town on foot. Although I didn’t really miss the mark by much, it was still more than 200 calories per day worth of activity that I missed out on.

I am going to try and get up at 6:00 am to exercise a bit to start my day. It seems I work far better in the mornings if I get my blood pumping first thing. That’s the hardest part, because then I have to go to bed by 10:00 pm…which is something I don’t do very well.

Still Eating Too Much

Halloween Candy SnacksWhen it came to eating this week, I thought I did worse than before. Turns out that I consumed an average of 2,050 calories per day. Which is considerably better than the week before.

Even though I cut my intake down quite a bit, it’s my snacking that is really doing me in. Of course a lot of that happens at night when I should be sleeping. So if I actually go to bed at a decent time, I would probably cut deep into how many calories I consume in a day.

My actual meals are still within acceptable parameters. While it’s not the healthiest way to eat, I still get a lot of my daily vitamins, proteins and minerals without gorging myself. It’s the access to snacks with which I am having an issue.

Need More Water

This last week, I only drank 51 ounces per day on average. This is nearly two cups less per day than the first week. In reality, I am simply forgetting to get my water bottle first thing in the morning. By the time I remember, it’s already after lunch.

I need to get back into my regular routine. I think that if I can get up in the morning and get my day started right, I would probably start losing weight quickly again. It all comes back to going to bed at a reasonable time. Of course, that’s not a guarantee that I’ll remember to drink water.

On the up side, my urine is still somewhat pale. This is a good thing as it shows that I am still getting hydrated. Not as much as I should be, but better than I was last year that is for sure.

Still Suffering in Sleep

Watching TVOK, so here is the worst of it. I only received 6.51 hours of sleep per night on average. This is about 30 minutes less than the minimum of what I should be getting. And yes, most of the time it was because I went to bed WAY later than I should have only to wake up early to start work.

No wonder why I feel like exhausted most of the time. I am getting too old to live off of less sleep. It’s probably part of why I’ve plateaued a bit since I am just too tired to really get any physical activity.

The stupid thing is that I love to sleep. Why can’t I just talk myself into shutting down at 10:00 pm? Probably because I think to myself, “Just one more episode and I’ll be done.” This is especially annoying since the stuff I watch is online and will be available tomorrow to watch anyway.

On the up side, I am still periodically drinking that Sleepy Time tea, which has done wonders for keeping me asleep once I actually lie down. I’ll keep drinking it, but I still need to work on going to be before 1:00 am.

1.5 Pounds Per Week…not fast enough

OK, so I know what I need to focus on this week. More sleep, a bit more physical activity and a bit more water. Out of these, sleep is going to be the most difficult thing for me to manage. I get pretty tired by 8:00 pm, but then I get a second wind at about 10:00 and feel like walking or even working.

If I want to be in the 220s by the time I go to my son’s graduation, I need to put a bit more effort into my plan of action. Sure, this week I kind of plateaued, but setbacks like these are usually temporary. Like I said, I have noticed more muscle definition and my clothes are fitting a bit loose.

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