Fitness Challenge: Week One Down and Feeling Mediocre

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I lost track of the days and forgot that I started this challenge on a Wednesday. So, I am a day late with my report. However, I am currently on track to be in the 220s by the time I get to my son’s graduation. Here is a break down of week one and how I am doing thus far.

After Week One, Going in the Right Direction

Weight loss can be a bit fickle. There are a number of things that can cause the scale to fluctuate. Retaining water, turning fat mass to muscle mass and even keeping regular bowel movements will all impact what the scale tells you when you step on it. The important thing to remember is to not get frustrated if you don’t see a day-to-day change in weight.

While I do use weight as a measurement, it’s only one of many. For instance, keeping tracking of inches around key areas of the body is ideal. As muscle weighs more than fat, converting will cause areas of the body to essentially shrink. That is, until you start bulking up like the Hulk.

April 19 2017 Comparison
Left: 275lbs. Right: 240lbs.

Visual measurements are also key. For example, I can definitely see the difference in body development from a year ago. Also, I cannot wear any of my cargo shorts without some kind of a belt – something I wasn’t worried about back in October. So, yes…I wear cargo shorts.

This is the reason I took a picture of myself for the beginning. I am eager to see the difference after one month and verify if there is an obvious change in my physique. I can already see the difference in what I look like from when I weighed 275 pounds. And I’m not just talking about the gut, either. My pecs are definitely shaping up.

Looking Back at Physical Activity

The week before this challenge, which was the 12th of April through the 18th, I burned an average of 2,921 calories per day. After week one, my average was 3,247 per day. For me, this is monumental. That’s almost an extra pound worth of fat I am burning per week just because I added about 20 minutes of activity to my daily routine.

Now that fixed their record keeping function, I am going to start working on setting personal weekly goals again. I think this time next week, I am going for my plank record: which is two minutes, three seconds.

Calories In

After week one, I consumed and average of 2,317 calories. This is a paltry beginning. But, considering my increase in physical activity, I was still able to maintain weight loss. Remember, it’s more than just counting calories. You need to balance the caloric intake with healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

My main meals are usually pretty good in terms of health. It’s the snacking on sugary goods throughout the day that is causing the biggest problem for me.

I am still having an issue with snacking at night. I think if I was to go to bed earlier, I would probably curtail some of that munching time. Besides, I want to start getting up at 6:00 again anyway. I was doing really good a couple of months ago when I was getting up and walking that early.

Social SharingThe thing to remember is that increasing physical activity means nothing if you subsequently increase your food intake. Essentially, you’re keeping yourself balanced at that rate. If week one has taught me anything it’s that I need to find alternatives to snacking at night. I wish MyFitnessPal tracked logging time. I would love to keep track of what times of the day I feel I need to eat.

Perhaps I’ll make my own app…there’s an idea. Crossing Colorado Health Monitor. 🙂

The Impact of Water

I did much better in terms of water than I have in the past. I drank an average of 64 ounces per day in week one. I know…many people point out that this is still not enough. But considering that I have a hard time remembering to drink water in the first place, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

From a health perspective, I haven’t really noticed a difference in my behaviors or mannerisms. I haven’t seen a change in bowel movements, stamina or the way I feel in general. I have gone to the bathroom for number one far more often than usual, though…obviously.

If I can remember to drink a whole bottle before lunch, before dinner and before bed, I think it will start coming together. It’s all about forming a habit and getting to a point where it’s just an automatic thing I do.

The Need for Sleep

A lack of sleep is something I’ve been battling for a very, very long time. I know the repercussions and have felt the mental and physical problems with not getting enough. In week one, I increased my average by only 8.86 minutes per night. That’s really sad, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

It’s believed that human adults need between seven and nine hours of quality rest each night. I haven’t hit that average since my first daughter was born 12 years ago. When people ask me why I don’t sleep, my answer is usually, “because I have children.”

For me, I am fairly confident that my lack of sleep is because I am too stressed most of the time. I was doing pretty good in January and February. But things happened in my personal life that seemed to affect my sleeping patterns yet again. On the up side, the nights I drink that Sleepytime Complete Care tea, I vastly improve my sleep quality.

Overall…lost 3 pounds

Although I have lost a few pounds in week one, I am a bit disappointed in my caloric intake and my sleep. While both of these averages improved from the week before, I still feel I could have done better. Even though I am two days into week two, I believe I can make an impact on these averages and do better. Remember, nothing is a failure if you’re willing to learn something from the experience.

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