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After my seven-day fitness challenge, I successfully lost 10 pounds exactly. I know I was a bit lax on collecting the data, but I started at 281.4 pounds and ended at 271.4 pounds. The best part is, I even lost weight after going beyond my calorie goal three days in a row. I also learned a few things about myself as well as how to eat around various workouts.

How I Lost 10 Pounds in 7 Days

Without pills, drugs or strict diet plans that are spread across the Internet, I was able to lose 10 pounds quite easily. It all centered around a few alterations I made in my day. I didn’t starve myself nor did I overdose on things like laxatives. It was done mostly through portion control and adding a bit of cardio.

Monitoring My Food Intake
One of the most important aspects to losing this much weight was monitoring how much I ate. Even on days that I went beyond my calorie goals, I still kept an eye on how much I was eating. This was done through the use of MyFitnessPal. Since the system was connected to my Fitbit and, I was able to keep an eye on calories burnt as well as what I was consuming.

Essentially, I ate a lot of Progresso soups, a few salads, a couple of cheese and egg sandwiches and more pizza than I would have liked to count. We had a pizza party last week and I kinda gorged myself a bit. The bottom line is to realize your limitations. You can enjoy some of the foods you like, as long as you do so without making a pig out of yourself. Two or three slices isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you do something healthy to keep it in check.

Water Intake
I probably drank more water in seven days than I did in the past seven months. Water is important in any diet, and not just because it’s an alternative to things like soda. The body needs water in order to function properly and flush out toxins screened out by your liver and kidneys. Increasing your intake is vital if you want to lose weight while promoting a healthier physical disposition.

Increasing Physical Activity
Of course increasing physical activity is going to be one of the primary methods for losing weight. Anything beyond your average daily movement is beneficial for the body to burn calories and fats. I performed everything from playing the XBox Kinect for a half-hour every day to putting in a bit of weight training. I didn’t get as much core work in as I would have liked, but I still reduced my body mass – which was my goal for this seven day challenge. I’ll be working more on getting “ripped” in the future.

Plans for the Future

I would like to get a picture of myself now so that I can show everyone what I can accomplish without delving into fad diet plans or intense training routines. It’ll be a before and after shot I think. Something I can stick up on the website as my header graphic.

Other than the image of myself, I am continuing on my journey to lose 100 pounds without subjecting myself to add diets, pills or operations. This time next year, I’ll be smaller than I’ve been since I was in high school…some 25+ years ago. I don’t even know if I’m going to recognize myself in the mirror.

What to Take From All This

What this boiled down to is that I was still able to lose 10 pounds even though I was bad on calories for a few days. Don’t let one or two bad days in your week stop you from continuing your efforts. Face each day as it’s own entity playing a part in your end goals. It’s OK to fall off the wagon a few times as long as you’re willing to get back up and try again. A true failing is when you give up completely.

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