Fitness in Theory – Episode 12: Weight Loss Surgery

FiT Podcast Episode 12 Weight Loss Surgery
02 Feb

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Ever thought about having weight loss surgeries? Before you commit to a gastric bypass or the gastric sleeve, make sure you weigh your options and risks. In this episode of the FiT podcast, we talk about issues that come from weight loss surgery and why we’re against it in most cases.

Now, there are some valid medical reasons why someone might want weight loss surgery. However, most of the time, it’s often because someone is simply non-committal when it comes to health and fitness.

When it comes to things like a gastric bypass, though, it forces you to live a certain way of life. It can result in a slew of complications while ultimately, and drastically, changing your diet.

For me, it seems like the “cheater” way out and is far too restrictive for how I want to live my life. I am more drawn to the prospect of doing things myself and feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment when I hit certain goals or achieve specific milestones.

Weight Loss Surgery Isn’t for Everyone

We know several people who have had these types of surgeries. In one instance, it damn near killed Sam’s sister-in-law due to severe malnutrition and a host of other complications.

Weight loss surgery isn’t without some heavy risks. In this podcast, I relay some of the more common complications that come with these types of surgery.

As I said earlier, though, it might be a viable alternative for certain people. For example, those who are in severe stages of diabetes might consider something like gastric bypass.

Or, perhaps there is an internal issue that is threatening your life due to complications with your organs.

But if you’re thinking about getting weight loss surgery simply because you want the quick and easy route to fit, perhaps you should reconsider.

Too many people gravitate toward instant gratification. Health and fitness is hard work and can take several months or even years to reach certain goals. But the rewards are well worth the effort if you stay committed.

Would You Have Weight Loss Surgery if it were Free?

Personally, I’d rather look in the mirror and be proud of what I accomplished without medical surgeries. Not to mention that weight loss is only part of overall fitness.

For one thing, a gastric bypass isn’t going to grow muscle mass or improve your stamina without exercise. And if you’re getting enough exercise, you wouldn’t need the surgery.

It all comes down to moderation, portion control, and keeping yourself active enough to burn the fat. Why put yourself at such a risk and dietary restriction when health and fitness are things that you are perfectly capable of doing yourself?

Even if it were free, I would still rather work on improving myself.

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