Fitness in Theory – Episode 14: Restarting Challenges

Spotify Episode 14
09 Mar

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In this episode, we talk about restarting fitness challenges and what we hope to accomplish. We talk about our goals and the things we’ll put into practice to help us achieve them.

It’s not always an easy process, but challenges are ways we keep ourselves striving to reach our health and fitness goals. Even if the challenge fails, we’ll still keep trying until we succeed.

As I quote repeatedly, “Never give up, never surrender!”

Why Keep Doing Fitness Challenges?

Challenges are ways that can help motivate you to go beyond your perceived limitations. By putting in maximum effort, you get closer to your ultimate objectives while understanding more about what you’re truly capable of accomplishing.

The trick is to create challenges for yourself that you’re capable of meeting by putting in more effort than you have in the past. You don’t want to make them too difficult. Otherwise, a challenge could have the adverse effect of discouraging you from trying again.

The fitness challenges we create for ourselves are within our grasp, as long as we put in the effort to maintain them. In this podcast, I talk about how I am focusing on doing what I can to lose weight and add strength over the next 12 weeks. This is completely doable as long as I stick with proper eating habits and good workout routines.

Sam is aiming to demonstrate what can happen with 365 days of doing the Keto diet. This is also within her grasp as she has come close to doing it in the past.

Essentially, it all boils down to motivation and determination to succeed. These challenges aren’t outside of what we can handle physically. It’s more about the mental fortitude to see them through.

What Challenges Do You Make for Yourself?

Fitness challenges can come in a variety of forms. It all depends on what your ultimate fitness goals are and how determined you are to see them through to the end. From losing a few pounds to bench pressing a tank, you’re only limited by your ability to maintain a challenge.

Well, and being strong enough to lift a tank in the first place.

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