Fitness in Theory – Episode 15: A Sustainable Physique

FiT Episode 15
23 Mar

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What kind of goals do you have in terms of physical fitness? Are you aiming to look like The Rock, or do you just want to lose a few pounds? In this episode of Fitness in Theory, we look at the realistic expectations of a sustainable physique.

In reality, a lot of people aim for an appearance that they can’t maintain over the long term.

What’s a Sustainable Physique?

When you’re young, it’s easy to fall into the idea of being “buff” or “ripped.” After all, who wouldn’t want a body like a marble-sculpted, Greek god? But when you’re working on all those muscles, that definition, or trying to pop veins out of your arms, are you doing so in a sustainable manner?

Whether it’s hitting the gym or your diet, is it something you can see yourself doing five to 10 years down the road?

Sure, some of us have that dedication. And that’s good, as long as you’re doing so in a healthy manner. However, not everyone has the fortitude and commitment to keep that perfect physique maintained.

A good example of this are the actors in superhero movies. Do you think Chris Hemsworth works out the same way when not filming Thor as he does as the muscle-bound Norse god?

The point we try to make in this episode is that it’s better to focus on something you know you’re capable of maintaining over the long term. It doesn’t take long to lose gains if you’re not actively pushing yourself.

In fact, I know that if I skip a week and a half of going to the gym, DOMS sets in after trying the same workout routine. That’s because the body begins to get rid of the mass it doesn’t need to keep going.

Well, it’s not like the body just dumps that muscle. But the proteins begin to break down and are used for other reasons. This is a catabolic state and is completely natural.

Is Your Idea of “Fit” Sustainable?

Personally, I’m working on what I would look like with six-pack abs because I’ve never seen that on me before. However, I know that I’m not dedicated and motivated enough to keep it up after the first few weeks.

Yet, I do plan on continuing to go to the gym to maintain my level of fitness. Mostly because I want to keep my heart going. After it shuts down on you once, it kind of lights a fire under your ass.

As for looking like a behemoth, yeah…I’m just not that committed.

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