Fitness in Theory – Episode 18: Fat Entitlement

Fitness in Theory Fat Entitlement
20 Apr

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This is probably a semi-controversial topic, but it is what it is. The bottom line is that being happy with your weight is OK. Just don’t expect everyone else to bend to your will.

Too many people out there push for fat acceptance and are filled with a sense of entitlement. And if you speak out against entitled behavior, you’re labeled as “fatphobic.” In reality, you shouldn’t push your beliefs and feelings onto others regardless of your size or culture.

Fat Entitlement is a Real Thing

Now, don’t misconstrue anything in this episode of Fitness in Theory as fat shaming. We couldn’t care less how big you want to live your life. But when you try to force airlines to accommodate for your size, demand that people date you, or try to push misinformation regarding health and fitness to influence followers and chase “likes” on social media, it’s a problem.

The bottom line is that most people who are obese are so by choice. Sure, it’s difficult for some of us to lose weight. But the only thing stopping us is ourselves.

This is coming from a couple of podcasters who have a combined total weight of nearly 600 pounds.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with accepting your body as it is as long as you’re happy. Personally, I’d rather tack on a few more years to my lifespan. Especially since my heart has already fired a warning shot across my bow.

But don’t force others to have to change their lifestyle simply because you like to be north of large. And yes, not wanting to date someone who is obese is a preference. If you’re unhappy in the dating pool, change locations. It’s as simple as that.

It’s Practical to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

In reality, there are a ton of benefits to living a healthier lifestyle (no pun intended). Everything from grocery shopping to simply going out for a swim in the ocean benefits from fitness. Your quality of life could improve exponentially in ways you may not even fathom.

But if you’re happy living life on the large side, then that’s all that matters. Just don’t try to force people to your way of thinking or force organizations to accommodate for size because you would rather not lose weight.

The decision to remain large is all on you.

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