Fitness in Theory – Episode 2: Don’t Sweat the Holidays

FiT Episode 2
23 Nov

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

Today, we’re talking about giving yourself permission to enjoy the holidays. Instead of making yourself miserable by denying yourself all of the tasty goodness that comes from Thanksgiving, treat yourself.

In the grand scheme of things, including weight loss, a single day of being “bad” isn’t going to throw you into chaos. In fact, everything you gained in that one day can be lost before Sunday.

That’s because it takes the human body two to five days to fully digest food.

In any case, don’t be discouraged or dread having that plate at the dinner table. As long as you can get back into the swing of things afterward, it’s all good.

Personally, I plan on burning quite a few calories the day after Thanksgiving as I will be decorating the house. I’ve waited quite a long time to see my tree in its rightful place.

As long as you don’t purposely try to gorge yourself on turkey, potatoes, casseroles, and pie, you can still walk away from the holiday feast without gaining a lot of weight.

It all comes down to logical portion sizes and not going hog wild on the sugary goodies.

Still Looking for a Good Plugin to Use

The plugin I was going to use for the podcast didn’t have certain features available. So, I’m still looking for a way to show the podcast episodes on the website without using the embed feature.

Eventually, I’d like to have all of these on a single page so people can browse through them.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Whether you plan to gorge yourself or not, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Embrace your loved ones, especially in the world we live in today. It seems you can’t even go to a Walmart without facing some kind of danger.

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