Fitness in Theory – Episode 23: Vacations and Fitness

FiT Podcast Episode 23
02 Jun

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How often does your health and fitness take a vacation with you? A lot of us will just enjoy the time off and not really think about exercising or diets. However, it’s not all that difficult to keep your well-being in mind at the same time.

In this episode of Fitness in Theory, we talk about ways to keep health and fitness in mind while on vacation. This includes some of the things that I do to try to keep myself in check.

The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that a few days of eating like crap and not being active doesn’t mean you’ll instantly gain five pounds. After your body has time to digest all of that junk food, you’ll be pretty close to resuming the weight you started with.

That’s because your body can take up to 72 hours to digest certain foods. So, before you freak out over what the scale says after your vacation, give yourself a few days to literally flush some of that weight away.

Vacations Are Necessary

We all need downtime. If you’re constantly running yourself in the red for days, weeks, or even months on end, you’ll burn out. And at that point, you’re no good to anyone, including yourself.

It’s important to enjoy yourself and unwind, especially after incredibly stressful times. And sometimes that means not putting so much emphasis on eating healthy or hitting the gym while on vacation.

As long as you’re capable of getting back into the swing of things when you return, enjoy the time off.

This last time around, I walked a few laps around a pond that was near the hotel early in the morning. I simply put on my headset, played some motivational tunes, and cranked out 4,000 steps right after a light breakfast.

There are all kinds of things you can do that are healthy that won’t interfere with your vacation. It’s all a matter of utilizing your time and not thinking of fitness as a chore. Enjoy the walk in a new location.

What Do You Do for Fitness While On Vacation?

Usually, I’ll spend a few hours throughout the weekend at the pool. This time around, I wasn’t able to swim much. However, I did walk an awful lot. Personally, I enjoy exploring new locations on foot while seeing what shops and things are nearby.

How often do you focus on fitness while visiting a new place?

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