Fitness in Theory – Episode 8: Starting Your Fitness Journey

Fit Podcast Episode 8
05 Jan

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How you start your fitness journey is all a matter of perspective, really. Your goals, needs, and wants will differ from most. So, where do you start? In this podcast episode, we talk about starting your fitness journey and things to keep in mind.

Even though everyone is different, there are a few things that are virtually universal. Today, Sam and I go over how we started our own journeys and the differences in the diest we use.

Because while Same is all about Keto, I am more focused on my Net 600 calorie diet. Both of them are valid, from our own points of view.

The best diet plan and exercise routine are the ones that work for your needs and wants. You just need to clarify your goals and decide to put more effort into health and fitness.

It All Begins with a Decision

The first step to weight loss, and pretty much any other fitness-related goal, is making the decision to follow through. If you want to lose a lot of weight and keep it off, you’ll need to change a lot of your habits.

Essentially, getting fit and staying fit centers around making lifestyle changes. And you need to commit yourself to altering habits for both food and physical activity.

That’s because without committing to changing your life, you run the risk of putting the weight back on…and then some.

According to some studies, more than half of people who have lost a significant amount of weight gain more than half of the total back within two years. A lot of them do so because they didn’t create a sustainable lifestyle for their newfound physique.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with simply losing a quick 10 pounds for a wedding or a birthday. It’s when you want to lose that weight and keep it off that it requires lifestyle changes.

If you’re not ready to sacrifice eating an entire pizza in one sitting and not being physically active enough to burn it, you’ll find losing weight a lot harder overall.

How Did You Start Losing Weight?

One of the biggest moments for me was when I entered my normal Taco Bell order into MyFitnessPal. When I saw how many calories, carbs, and sodium I was consuming for lunch, it blew me away.

Needless to say, I don’t eat like that anymore. I’ve learned where my limits are per meal, which is why I haven’t regained 80 pounds despite having a lackluster 2022.

What was your pivotal moment for weight loss, in the beginning?

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