Fitness in Theory – Episode 9: Having a Plan

FiT Podcast Episode 9
12 Jan

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Regarding health and fitness, not everyone can shoot from the hip and be successful. Some of us need some kind of structure and plan to help us realize our goals. In this episode of Fitness in Theory, we’ll gloss over why having a plan is ideal and what has worked for us.

Now, I say “gloss over” because we really didn’t dive as deep into the topic as we would have liked. However, we answered many viewer questions and hopefully helped clarify a few things.

In reality, that’s what we thrive on: user engagement.

Sure, I would love it if we were able to stay on topic for longer than 10 minutes at a time. But I also love helping people when they have a question or comment.

Still, we managed to get a bit of information out during the podcast about how we approach dieting and exercise using some kind of plan of action. For instance, Sam talks about using her menu while on Keto while I have a set routine when going to the gym.

A Plan for Fitness Has its Benefits

From meal time to workouts, a structured routine can help you stay on task. Though, I know a lot of people who have a hard time with those kinds of routines.

Yet, knowing what I plan to eat today or how my workout is going to progress at the gym helps me focus. Not to mention preventing me from feeling lost when I don’t know what’s next.

As Sam says during the podcast, she often stands around at the gym not knowing what to do. Or, there is a greater chance she’ll eat poorly without a specific daily menu while on Keto.

A good example is how I manage fitness on gym days. I have a window of about 50 minutes to get in what I can. I know this is plenty of time to get 20 minutes on the treadmill and complete three sets on four weight machines.

I don’t have this plan written down anywhere, per se. But it’s a plan I stick to so that I don’t run out of time before having to work.

Otherwise, I’ll just sit at home on my computer watching random YouTube Shorts videos.

Do You Follow a Set Plan for Dieting and Exercise?

Having a solid strategy can do wonders for your health and fitness. It helps you build routines, habits, and focus for your goals. Never underestimate the value of planning, especially when you do some research about how to achieve certain milestones.

What kind of plan do you have in place for health and fitness?

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