Finding Fitness Motivation: How Blogging Has Made a Difference

Blogging for Fitness Motivation
12 Jul

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Not everyone can wake up first thing in the morning and find the motivation to add a bit of fitness into their lives. Some of us just have a hard time finding motivation for anything, really. But for me, blogging has definitely made a difference.

In fact, the changes over the past week and a half are night and day. I’m starting to feel the same as I did back when I started this journey in 2015.

It feels like blogging has helped me reclaim some of the sense of urgency I had back when I weighed 300+ pounds.

How Blogging Affects My Fitness Motivation

When I started this 30 Days of Blogging experiment, I had a feeling that it would inspire me to do better. And so far, it has made an incredibly positive impact.

It’s All I Want to Do First Thing in the Morning

By the time I finished the same blogging experiment for one of my other sites, I found myself wanting to write every morning. Instead of jumping into YouTube first thing, my thoughts turned to what I was creating today.

Even after the experiment was over, all I wanted to do was write. Though, I’ve had to stop myself because no one is going to understand what I write as soon as I wake up.

Unfortunately, I kind of got back into that bad habit of YouTubing again. You know, when you waste an hour just watching videos instead of being productive.

But after the past 10 days, I am back into the groove of wanting to write. This leads to boosting motivation to do something related to fitness so I have awesome content for you to read.

Well, I suppose awesome is more of a subjective term. Still, you’re reading this blog post, right?

I’m Excited to Explore the Planned Topics

Although I don’t really have a plan for a large chunk of the blog posts that are coming out this month, I am excited about the topics I have jotted down.

These are articles that are more focused on SEO and generating interest and traffic. They take a bit longer to write but perform far better.

Anyway, there are several topics that I’m looking forward to diving into. Some of them require data, which is why I said I am restarting the challenge again.

I screwed up the numbers…but I still lost weight, if that’s any consolation.

Looking Forward to More Reviews

Reviews are some of the best and easiest articles to write, really. Especially if you have a niche blog like mine. I mean, the stores are full of health and fitness products you can buy.

And reviews are some of the most effective articles for generating traffic on the Internet.

The best part about doing these types of articles is how it fuels motivation for fitness and finding healthy goods. I want to try out everything so I have a better understanding of a product.

Well, products I can afford to buy at the moment. I doubt I’ll do a serious and in-depth review on Peleton anytime in the near future.

Readers Hold Me Accountable

One of the biggest reasons why I started the blog and YouTube channel in the first place was to have my audience hold me accountable. I’m using public opinion to hold myself accountable.

Unfortunately, I lost my mojo a few years back, and it’s taken me this long to get it back.

At the moment, I’ve been focusing on the blog. But I do fully intend to get back into making semi-regular videos as I have the time. Things are just a bit screwy at the moment.

But when it comes to health and fitness, you’re really only accountable to yourself. And not everyone is capable of using that for motivation. It’s easy to talk yourself out of stuff.

However, when you purposely put yourself out in the public through a blog or YouTube channel, there is a bit more involved. You don’t want to let anyone down or look like a fool.

The Content Is Always in Mind

As I am blogging every day, what I plan to write is always on my mind. So, when I look at that stuffed-crust pizza from Pizza Hut, I think to myself, “How is this going to play out on the blog?”

Or, if I’m walking through the grocery store, I keep an eye out for healthier food choices so I can write about them. Right now, I have some keto-friendly ice cream I’m going to review this week.

My point is how the blog affects my decisions for health and fitness throughout the day while boosting motivation to succeed.

Do I suspect that I’ll be instantly successful? Absolutely not. It’s a transition phase, and I’m going to have my ups and downs. It’s what I do with the “downs” that’s going to make the difference.

I Am a Writer

There is a reason why I have five main blogs. I love to write about a variety of topics. Although lately, it’s been a bit more difficult to find time for all five websites.

A lot of that has to do with personal projects and maintaining clients. After all, I need to keep the roof over my head and the Internet paid. And I don’t make enough from this blog to pay those bills.

Still, I highly enjoy writing in any regard. In fact, I’m really looking forward to finishing my first eBook this month.

If a day goes by that I don’t write at least 1,000 words, I feel…”off.” It’s like I get a sense that I just wasted the day. I have the hardest time taking a weekend off because I feel unproductive.

Which is the point of having a weekend off.

At any rate, part of what drives me to blog every day is the fact that I simply love to write and want to share my experiences.

Other Ways to Find Motivation for Fitness

OK, not everyone can afford to launch their own self-hosted blog. Perhaps you don’t view yourself as a very good writer. Whatever the case, there are other ways to build motivation to improve your levels of fitness.

What works for one person may not work for you, and that’s fine. The trick is to find something that inspires you to live healthier.

Ways to help boost your motivation for fitness could include:

  • Create a music playlist that gets your feet moving.
  • Find a social app and meet people like yourself.
  • Come up with some personal case studies to see how far you can push yourself.
  • Watch motivational videos on YouTube. Follow an influencer you find inspiring.
  • Find a physical activity you enjoy and embrace it. Join a bowling or golf league, if you want.
  • Challenge your friends in a long-term fitness regimen.

Motivation for fitness can come in a myriad of ways. For the most part, it’s all on you to find something that can inspire you to get moving. For me, it’s blogging, case studies, and turning everything into a game.

Take a few moments and really think about what it is you honestly want, how you’re going to get there, and what can help you achieve your goals.

What is Your Motivation for Health and Fitness?

As I said, everyone is different. Some people can wake up first thing in the morning and be motivated while others have to really push to get moving.

It all comes down to what you find inspirational. There’s really no right or wrong answer as long as it works for you. If you’re getting something out of it, no one can say, “you’re doing it wrong.”

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