How Fitness Will Completely Change Your Life

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26 Apr

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Fitness is more than just losing some weight in order to fit into a smaller size of clothing. It’s a method that can be used to make incredible changes in your life. There is far more to keeping fit than merely shrinking down the waist line. It can change everything from how you behave to making rational decisions at work. In essence, fitness a way to improve your life and almost everything in it.

Using Fitness to Control Every Aspect in Life

Reducing your clothing size is only one of the side effects of being in shape. While you might want to look good in the mirror, it doesn’t have to be the only reason you’re working out. Just about everything in your life will be changed once you start giving your body the things it needs to function correctly. I could write forever detailing every aspect in your life that will be changed through proper exercise and healthy eating. For now, I’m only going to list some of the ones you probably haven’t considered.

Your Career
Science has proven time and again that increased physical activity boosts brain power. From memory development to maintaining focus, there is a direct correlation between cognitive abilities and exercise. It can also affect emotional states as well as reduced levels of stress. Because of this, there is potential for fitness to improve the way you work at your job. Productivity, decision making and other facets can give you a boost in your everyday workload. Improved energy levels could also contribute to this while giving you the motivation to power through the day without feeling so wiped out by mid-day. Personally, I find myself far more productive and clear-minded when I exercise and eat right first thing in the morning.

Improved Emotional States
The health of your brain dictates how it processes emotions. Through fitness, you may begin to rewire how those processes are completed. Things such as stress, depression, anxiety and anger can all be affected through eating properly and regular exercise. In fact, getting the right combination of vitamins and minerals has potential to elevate your moods in general. Products like Emerge contain components that can alter how you view the day. At least, it does in my case.

Reducing Injuries and Illnesses
Fitness can play a major role in keeping your body safe and secure. Studies have shown that exercise greatly reduces the risks of injury as well as shortening the length of time it takes to heal. One such study suggests that regular exercise has potential to help heal brain injuries. Eating healthier also has potential to play a role in injury and illness prevention. This is because you’re giving the body what it needs to deal with the problem. A lot of people don’t seem to realize the potential the human body has for protecting itself. I know I was far less sick when I weighed less.

Facing the Mundane Chores
Maintaining proper health can affect motivation to do some of the most mundane of chores. Simple things like grocery shopping or cleaning the house begin to seem easier and take less time. In my case, this was because of a lack of energy. I’d start out strong, but then get wiped out relatively quick. Although I am still overweight, I am noticing a difference when it comes to performing various activities throughout the day. Now, if only I could figure out how to get more sleep.

Realizing the Difference In Yourself

A lot of people start putting in effort for fitness but don’t realize how they are changing. In one such instance, my wife’s friend dropped a couple of sizes without realizing it. She has a somewhat poor view of herself even though she is succeeding. Personally, I think this is because she doesn’t have a very strong supportive structure. If you don’t have support, it can be difficult to really see the difference in yourself and stay motivated to continue. Here are a few ways that fitness will be obvious to you.

Size, not Weight
I know many people who get discouraged with exercise and eating healthier when they look at the scale. What they fail to realize is that muscle mass weighs more than fat. When you exercise, you’re adding density to the muscles in the body while burning away the fat stores. Pay more attention to measurements and sizes rather than what the scale says. If you can, have someone take various measurements of your body including:

  • Waist
  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Thighs
  • Neck

When you start getting into shape, these measurements should begin to decrease. However, weight training will cause the muscles to develop – which will increase the measurement. At which point, you’ll definitely be able to see the difference anyway.

Monitor Activity
Keep a record of your workouts and what your limits are. Personally, I use to keep a record of all my workouts. This is how I know that my current record for Lying Leg Raises is 17 – yes, I got a long way to go still. Once you’ve established a baseline of your activity, you’ll begin to see yourself meeting those numbers with less of an effort. Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll feel how your body is adapting to the increase in activity. At which point, you may want to increase your goals just to make sure your getting a good workout.

Full Body Selfies
As embarrassing as it may be for many people, taking full-body pictures once a week can give you a visual of your progress in fitness. A lot of people may not see a difference on the scale but will definitely see it through the camera’s eye. You don’t have to post these on the Internet for everyone. However, it will be a great motivator when you can start seeing the results of your workouts and eating practices.

Experiment With Smaller Clothes
Once you starting working out and eating healthier after a few weeks, start trying on smaller clothing sizes. Your perception of yourself might be much different than reality. Start with one size smaller and keep going until something feels tight. You might be shocked when you realize that you shrunk a couple of inches off your waist. I would suggest doing this maybe once a month.

Fitness has potential to improve a wide range of things in your life. It may be instrumental in changing your outlook and giving you clarity about who you are and what you’re capable of. When you come to the crossroads of life, you may find that following a once scary path is much easier when you’re physically and mentally fit. Success will be measured by your own drive and determination. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. You can; it’s just a matter of will.

What have you done today that can contribute to a better life?


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