Where Does Your Focus Lie for Health?

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13 May

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A lot of people have dreams of reducing their size and fitting into those old clothes that are currently taking up room in the closet. However, not everyone has the same level of focus when it comes to fitness. How you view health in general will directly impact the decisions you make for exercise and proper eating. It’s all about keeping the eye on the right prize.

Things to Focus on for Health

Whether it’s fitting into summer wear or the desire to cross the state of Colorado on bicycle, keeping your mind focused on objectives can be quite difficult at times. For many people, it takes a great deal of effort and willpower in order to achieve goals for health. Here are some of the things I like to focus on when I make my decisions for fitness.

Physical Capability
I love the aspect of being physically capable of doing more through proper health. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s a nice feeling to lift something heavy at the grocery store and toss it into the shopping cart like it was nothing. I relish in the idea of participating in physical activities and bringing a higher level of competition. I like being able to walk up and down the stairs without joint pains from being overweight. And, I like being able to jog without my stomach and chest bouncing up and down as if they were about to slide off – that’s a very unnerving feeling by the way.

Mental Prowess
Increasing your mental acuity is a great thing to focus on for health. The foods you eat and your exercise will contribute to enhancing the power of the mind – this is a scientifically proven fact. Studies have shown how many fruits and vegetables contribute to enhancing memory, both long and short-term. In fact, blueberries are among the most promising foods to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other mental afflictions. Boosting the power of your brain will help in personal and professional lifestyles. While it may not turn you into an instant Steven Hawking, it will give you an edge you may not have had before.

Living Longer
One of the most obvious things you need to consider is how health will contribute to your lifespan. Too many people don’t really put much thought into death, until it’s way too late. It’s one of those things that people know is going to happen, but don’t put the care into preventing it for as long as possible. Many will continue a certain lifestyle because they want to “live.” Which is fine, until you die at the age of 55 with a pastrami sandwich sticking out of your mouth with a death-grip on a Twinky in your hand. Proper health is more than just losing weight and looking good. It’s the method of living longer that so many people take for granted.

Because You Know You Can
Believing in yourself can go a long way to boosting self-esteem and confidence in just about anything you put your mind to. It all starts by accomplishing something of which you have absolute control. I focus on proving to myself that I can lose all this weight. I will get into the best shape of my entire life. And, I will cross Colorado on bicycle in the near future.

Find What Motivates You for Health

If you don’t find something that you can focus on for health, there is a good chance that you’ll give up on it over time. You need to take the aspect of getting into better shape seriously and keep your eye on the target. However, you want to make sure your focus is on something that is achievable. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure by trying to reach too high. Having high aspirations is one thing, but being realistic with yourself will be much more effective.

Center on Yourself
Don’t try to make someone else happy. You should want better health for the sheer purpose of having an easier life. Find what motivates you related to your ideals of yourself. If you’re driven by fitting into old clothes, then that’s what you should focus on. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to be healthy?” Personally, I have two ultimate goals for health: riding across the state on a bicycle and dressing up like a superhero for Halloween. That is my goal and where my focus lies. Find something you can connect with that can fuel your drive to succeed.

Not everyone has the same vision for proper health. What inspires one person may not inspire another. It’s all about what you want to achieve. Regardless of what anyone else wants of you, it will be your own determination that will play into succeeding. What inspires you to have a better way of life?

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