Looking for some recipes for healthy eating? Whether it’s in the air fryer, using a Ninja CREAMi, or freezer meals, we love to cook.

Creating recipes is a bit newer to Crossing Colorado. We added the category as we were asked a few times on the podcast for our recipes regarding certain things we’ve made.

We’ll also share our eating experiences on the YouTube channel.

As we are currently working on getting some of our favorite recipes up on the site, the area below will begin to fill with goodies soon. But if you’re looking for something in particular, feel free to use the search field above.

    What Recipes Are We Going to Share?

    For the most part, we tend to focus on using the air fryer, the Ninja CREAMi frozen dessert blender, creating homemade freezer meals, and anything else that is aligned with our diets.

    This is mostly because we are all on different kinds of diet plans. While Sam is all about keto-friendly and low-carb foods, I focus more on portion control and physical activity. The result is a hodge-podge of different recipes spanning a wide range of foods.

    One of the reasons it takes so long to get these recipes up is that we want to make sure they don’t suck. And I’ve made a few things that didn’t quite make the cut. After all, we don’t want to show you how to make crappy meals and snacks.

    You can just go to Chipotle for that.

    Rest assured, though, I have a lot of plans for making ice cream and sorbets from the Ninja. And I’ve made a few quick-and-easy dinners using the air fryer.

    However, one of the biggest reasons why I added recipes to this site is to simply remember how to make some of the things I make. I rarely write anything down and just cook. This way, I can keep track of what I made so I can make it again down the road.

    Yep…getting older is a bit of a pain.