Getting Over Covid and Planning for Next Week

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15 Jul

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

Today is the first day that I’ve felt well enough to write since Monday. Thanks to my best friend handing covid off to me, I’ve been down most of the week. This means I didn’t get anywhere near any of my goals. But, hey, life happens.

I’m still not 100%. In fact, feeding the squirrels this morning took a bit out of me. However, I am much better today than I have been since this rollercoaster started.

I’m afraid to step on the scale simply because I know that I didn’t burn nearly as much as I ate, though.

Covid Didn’t Hit Me Nearly as Hard

Between my natural immunity to everything and the effort I’ve put into improving health and fitness, covid didn’t hit me nearly as hard as it did Sam. It was bad enough to stop me from really doing much, but at least I didn’t have a cough or any other respiratory issues.

Mostly, it was the lack of energy, soreness in muscles, aches in my joints, and the headache I’ve had all week that put a damper on my plans.

Although I’ve been vaccinated, I failed to get the boosters simply because I usually never get sick. This time, it was just enough to take me out for a few days. I suppose this just goes to show that I’m human after all.

Still, I’d hate to have to go through this back when I weighed 300+ pounds. And even though I still have about 30 pounds or so to go to reach my goal weight, I’m in the best physical shape I’ve been in my entire life.

That’s kind of sad to think about, really.

It’s Just a Temporary Setback

Sure, this last week of my challenge is a wash. But sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Instead of being too down on myself for not accomplishing much overall, I’m going to chalk it up to a “life experience.”

The sad part is that I had a plan to start fixing the blog and YouTube channel this week. And with how busy I’ll be playing catchup with work, I won’t be able to get much done next week, either.

In this case, the best thing we can do is just realize it was a temporary setback, and nothing more.

There is no sense in stressing out over things you cannot control. And if you’re this sick, then it’s better to focus on getting better instead of trying to push yourself to work.

Besides, trying to work while being sick often results in the increased likelihood of making mistakes or producing sub-par-quality content. It’s better to spend the time getting well than worry about fixing those mistakes once you’re back on your feet.

What Can I Do in a Week?

I’m still not at peak performance. However, I am going to see just how much I can lose in a few days before I head out to Utah next Friday. Granted, I probably won’t be able to put in maximum effort. But I still should be able to make a dent in my weight.

I just need to remember to not push myself beyond my limits.

It’s quite common for me to assume I can still handle certain activities after an injury or being away from exercise for an extended period. This often results in me hurting myself in some form.

As I know I’m not at 100%, I’ll need to keep this in mind for the next few days.

Essentially, I’m going to ease myself back into the swing of things. I’m not going to hit the gym on Monday and assume I can lift another 40,000 pounds. That’s just unrealistic, with all things considered.

Nonetheless, I’m sure I can lose a few pounds before heading to Utah just by keeping calories in check and walking around the backyard.

Setting Up a 12-Week Fitness Challenge Once I Get Back

Once again, I am setting up the 12-week fitness challenge spreadsheet for when I get back. I’m quite disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to sustain the challenge this last time around.

And I’ll keep doing these until I am able to sustain the entire 12 weeks of tracking all of the data.

Just like last year’s attempt, this will put me into October when the challenge is done. Perhaps I can use motivation to dress up as a superhero for Halloween as motivation again.

The reason I’m waiting until I get back from Utah is that it’s my birthday weekend. I don’t plan on tracking anything and am looking forward to just enjoying myself.

Part of why I think I can do it this time is because how I’m changing my work schedule around a bit. I am putting more effort into this blog and the YouTube channel.

When I create more health and fitness-related content, I feel more motivated to keep putting in maximum effort. So, I am shifting which blogs get the most time throughout the week with getting far more attention.

I was actually going to start doing that this week, but then Sam had to get me sick. I suppose it’s as good of a place to start as any.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do in this next 12-week run.

Getting Back on the Horse…Ish

So, why start tomorrow getting back into the swing of things if I plan on taking next weekend off from tracking food? Well, that’s because I don’t see a reason not to.

Just because I plan on being bad next Friday and Saturday, it doesn’t mean I should just throw in the towel today. Besides, I highly doubt that I’ll gorge myself.

I’m having a “bad” weekend, not a bad week.

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  1. I hope you get better in time to enjoy your trip to see the family (and not get them all sick too). Looking forward to your final week’s update and the new 12-week cycle.

    1. Not sure if there will be a final week update. Technically, this was the final week…lol.

      Anyway, I hope I’m good to go before the trip as well. I’ll test before leaving, as I don’t want to get Grandma sick. So, if I’m positive, we’re staying home. Crossing my fingers…

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