Going Back to My Net 600 Diet – 300 was Just Too Low

A few days ago, I set my calorie goals in MyFitnessPal to adjust to a net 300 calorie diet. And although I was starting to drop weight quickly, I was dragging pretty bad. So, I made the decision to go back to my net 600 calorie diet instead.

What is kind of upsetting is how well I actually stuck to the 300 diet plan. However, that’s also what caused the biggest problem for me.

Why I Couldn’t Sustain My 300 Calorie Diet

In reality, the low calorie and carb count was just too much, especially since I’ve ramped up my physical activity. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t had half the energy in the afternoons as I did before.

It was getting to the point where it was affecting my work.

So, as I said in the previous post, I’ll monitor myself to make sure everything is going well. In this instance, it’s not.

And that’s nothing to be upset over, really. Everybody has a unique physiology, which means not everything is going to work for everyone the same way.

Since I know for a fact that my Net 600 Calorie diet works for me, I decided to go back to it. That is as long as I can maintain the plan.

I haven’t had the best of luck keeping my numbers green in MyFitnessPal. Well, except for this most recent attempt.

Is My Diet Still In Line with Keto?

I have learned a great deal about myself and what I need to burn the fat while exercising. So, I’m going to maintain the 600 calorie diet plan with keto in mind.

This means paying closer attention to the sheer number of carbs I eat in a day versus how active I am.

Besides, I have a lot of keto food still in the house. I wouldn’t mind exploring some of those options to see how well they stack up.

For example, I really like the Catalina Crunch cereals so far. The Cinnamon Toast with almond milk was incredible. And I was able to pick up a new flavor today; Maple Waffle.

Guess what I’m having tomorrow for breakfast?

Can I Actually Stick to My Net 600 Calorie Diet This Time?

Here’s the $64 question, though…am I able to maintain my net 600 calorie diet plan this time around when I failed so many times before?

This time around, I really do think I can handle it. There are actually quite a few things driving this attempt.

Time is Ticking Till the Calendar Photo Shoot

First of all, I am coming up to the end of this little experiment quite quickly. I need to put the hammer down if I want to look how I want before setting up the calendar photoshoot.

Right now, the muscle development is coming along nicely. In fact, I am really eager for next week’s comparison photos.

I just need to melt the rest of the fat while doing so. This means I’ve got to really be conscious about what I’m eating and how active I am throughout the day.

Time is definitely not on my side.

Using the Same Intensity as Maintaining 300 Calories

I’m hoping I’ll have some left-over drive from trying to maintain 300 calories. The first few days, I made damn sure the calorie count in MyFitnessPal remained green.

Even if that meant walking in the middle of the night to burn the calories I needed.

That’s how I used to be, really. I would freak out if the numbers went red. I want to get myself back into that same mentality, and it’s been working.

It’s all about creating that positive habit and mindset to maintain my goal.

Keeping an Eye on Carb Intake

As I said, I’m going to keep a close eye on the carbs I have for the next few weeks. Well, aside from the “cheat” day I’m taking on Sunday.

I still would like to see if I can get my body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. That will depend completely on what and how much I eat over the next few weeks.

If I can keep the carbs down to 75 or less per day, I’m sure I’ll do better than I did losing the first 80 pounds.

I’m even half tempted to get back on the Progresso Soup diet. Eating Progresso Soup is how I lost the first 40 pounds back in the day.

Added Incentive of Meeting Someone

And finally, I have another new incentive. I kind of met someone recently, and she has been quite impressed with my attitude and motivation to get in shape.

I know that I shouldn’t just focus on fitness to impress someone. But it’s more than that. I want to continue impressing her with my attitude and motivation.

Remember, most women love confidence. And that is something that working out has boosted quite a bit in me lately. Even my attitude towards work has changed significantly.

Right now, I have confidence that I’ll meet my goals…damnit.

I’m In It to Win It!

I still have a bit to go. I am pretty excited about lifting more weight lately and even pushed myself today to break some personal records on the weight machines.

But I need to stay the course if I want to finish strong. Changing my diet plans is only going to make it easier, I think. Sure, I’ll have a few more calories in the day. But that just means I need to work that much harder.

So, starting Tuesday morning, I’m going to do another case study on myself to see how much I can lose by going to the gym, playing the Xbox, and maintaining the net 600 calorie diet for at least a week.

Because I know that collecting data is what floats my boat.

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