Halloween Candy: And So It Begins

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If you’ve been to the website before, you know that I am trying to lose 80 pounds in four months. It is my goal to hit 180 pounds by the end of December. As the holidays approach, this can be an incredibly bad time to try and lose weight. For one thing, I have a weakness for Halloween candy. Now that the stores are stalking this in bulk, here comes the true test of will power.

What Will I do to Face the Holidays?

losing weight fastThe hardest thing about trying to lose so much weight during the holidays is the bombardment of goodies. It seems like a never ending supply of sweets and fattening foods. However, I have faith that I will succeed. And here is why.

Halloween Candy In Moderation

I am a calorie counter. I am currently in the process of proving that counting calories can work if you let it. Because of this, I believe that you can enjoy things like Halloween candy as long as you don’t go overboard.

For instance, I have a bag of Halloween Kit Kats sitting next to me at my desk. By keeping track of everything I eat throughout the day, I can monitor how many I can have while still maintaining my goal. Three of these miniature chocolate snacks equals 210 calories. So, if I want the goodies, I have to be on target throughout the day.

I mix up my daily routine by eating things that are healthier – mostly because they usually have less calories in them. If I am good at breakfast and lunch, this means I can afford to have a sweet snack later on.

We also believe that I have hypoglycemia, which means my blood sugar drops too low. As a result, I tend to go into shock during workouts if I haven’t had anything to eat or have a lack of sugar throughout the day. So, indirectly, moderate snacking is keeping my body in check instead of a diabetic coma.

Work for My Treats

The more energy you burn, the more food you can eat. If I want to have some Halloween candy later today, I will surely need to work for it. This means exercise and plenty of it. I can burn enough calories while playing Kinect Tennis to have a serving of Kit Kats in my day. That is, unless I pig out on something else. At which point, I need to work for my treat again.

Personally, I love playing my Xbox. I get a workout that I enjoy while being able to burn enough calories to afford having some Halloween candy later on. For me, this is a win-win scenario.

Watching the Quality of Food

Best Diet PlanNow, you can’t assume that it’s OK to eat 10 servings of Kit Kats and remain inside your calorie goal for the day. The number of calories isn’t the only thing you should be paying attention to. It’s also the quality of the food you eat throughout the day.

Your body still needs a certain level of vitamins, minerals and water in order to perform. Loading up on sugar and carbohydrates will only cause you to feel like crap both mentally and physically. If you want to enjoy some of that Halloween candy that is floating around the store, you need to mix your day up with nutrition as well.

Everything you eat will contribute to maintaining health. Remember the saying, “You are what you eat.” Not everyone puts this into consideration when they reach for the bag of chips or chocolate-covered goodness.

If you want to be healthy and feel good physically and mentally, you’ve got to put the right foods into your body. Otherwise, all of that Halloween candy will only serve to making you feel miserable.

How to Avoid Overeating Halloween Candy

If you don’t know by now, I use MyFitnessPal to track all of my food. It’s a free app available on nearly every device – including the browser-based site. In fact, I used MyFitnessPal for a year before I actually installed the app on my phone.

I track and scan everything that goes into my body. This allows me to see if I am lacking in calcium or if I need to have more vitamin C for the day. This also shows how much sugar and carbs I have consumed.

Food ChoiceBy tracking my food, I can determine at a glance if I can afford to have a serving of Halloween candy without surpassing my goals for the day. It only takes a moment to enter your food as you go and the data can be very helpful in the long run.

Keep your intake of sweets reasonable. To lose weight quickly, it’s all about portion control. If you can keep your portions of both sweets and regular food to healthy levels, you may be shocked to realize just how much you can enjoy when it comes to eating.

Be honest with yourself. Not tracking something you ate may look good on paper or in an app, but it doesn’t mean your body isn’t affected. I know several people who try to “cheat” the system by not recording their intake. The only one you’re really cheating at this point is yourself.

You Don’t Have to Deny Yourself Pleasure

Better HealthI know there are many people out there who have to follow a certain diet plan. Type 2 diabetics come to mind. However, many of us simply deny pleasures on purpose. I don’t believe you have to deny yourself the simple pleasures in life such as good food.

In fact, that is one of the premises of why I built this website. To prove that you can enjoy those things in life without restricting yourself to a grueling diet plan. Me, I love chocolate. And I will continue to indulge myself, but to a certain extent.

You don’t have to jump through a ton of hoops if you want to enjoy some Halloween candy. Just make sure you’re not going crazy when reaching into that bag of chocolate. Keep yourself to reasonable servings of the things you love, and you may just find yourself losing weight while satisfying some of your cravings.

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