Working on My Halloween Resolution, 7 Weeks to Awesome?

My Halloween Resolution
10 Sep

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

OK, And here we go, yet again, with another goal. I know I’ve said this before, but this time is different. Mostly because of the change in the season. This time, I am working on a Halloween resolution.

Although I have a few doubts that I’ll actually be able to stick to this, as I’ve failed so many other times before, I have higher hopes.

Why a Halloween Resolution?

I love this time of year. Everything from about the middle of September throughout the new year gets me excited. In fact, I’ve already been geeking out about decorating the new house for Halloween.

For me, it’s all about the positive frame of mind I get in throughout the holidays. And although I do have to work through a bit of depression because of what happened to my son last October, I’m still in high spirits.

During this time of year, I have a spring in my step and a greater sense of purpose.

This is what I’m using to inspire my Halloween resolution of losing weight. Granted, I have to fight myself not to dive into all the chocolate that’s readily available. But I know deep down, I can do this.

I’ve done it before. After all, I’ve lost 80 pounds so far.

But the excitement I feel for the season is giving me a new sense of resolve. It’s true, I always play better on the back nine. And if there is one game I’d love to finish strong in, it’s that of 2020.

This year has been one hell of a beating for everyone.

What is the Plan this Time Around?

This time, I have seven weeks to do as much as I can. Well, technically, 50 days. But is this enough time to make profound changes?

That depends on how committed I am and how active I can remain throughout the time frame. In the past, I’ve been able to drop half a pound per day. So, I should easily hit below 200 pounds after seven weeks.

OK, so what are the plans for my Halloween resolution?

Fully Following My Net 600 Diet

In the past, my Net 600 Calorie Diet has helped me lose quite a bit of weight. Essentially, it’s eating as much as I am active. Although the goal is 600 calories per day, MyFitnessPal adjusts what I can eat according to my physical activity, which it pulls from my FitBit.

In reality, I wind up eating anywhere between 1200 and 1500, depending on how active I am.

The trick is to get back that “gotta keep it green” attitude I had at the beginning of this nightmare. As my dad would say, I need to get my “give-a-shit” back. In other words, I need to find that part of me that cared as much back then.

I think the excitement I am feeling for the season is going to benefit my strive this time around.

700 Points Per Day in

Now, 700 points doesn’t sound like a lot. And when it comes to, it really isn’t…if you’re into weight training. But for doing things like push-ups, sit-ups, and other body exercises, it’s actually quite a bit.

Currently, we are mandated to wear masks when working out at gyms like Planet Fitness. And this is something I simply cannot do. Not because I can’t breathe, but because I have an issue with heat.

I am prone to heat exhaustion, and wearing a mask while exercising is simply something I cannot handle for long periods of time.

But that’s OK. I have plenty of stuff here that can help me reach 700+ points per day. For example, I have:

  • A Bodyblade: which I plan on writing a review about in the very near future.
  • 2 – 20lbs Dumbbells
  • 45lbs Set of Resistance Bands
  • Large Swiss Ball
  • Xbox 360 Kinect
  • Weighted Gloves, Wrist Weights, and Leg Weights

Among all of this stuff, I’m sure I can get some excellent bodywork in throughout my Halloween resolution.

Getting Back Into Case Studies

I love doing personal case studies. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, it’s all about the data. I love collecting information about what I can do and how things impact me on a personal level.

Instead of simply relying on someone’s word that something will work for weight loss or muscle development, I track my own progress. If something doesn’t work, I move on to something that does.

And that’s the real key to any successful diet plan or exercise regimen. Everyone is going to have a unique experience with just about everything. What works for one person may not work for another.

You need to find things that work for you. In my case, I’ve lost the majority of my weight playing the Xbox Kinect. Not everyone will view it as a solid way to lose weight. But for me, it is.

During this Halloween resolution, there is plenty to blog about in terms of health and fitness.

Getting Back Into Blogging

I’ve been putting far more effort into maintaining my blogs as of late. And that includes this one. While I still have a lot of work to do to get back to where it was before Google torpedoed it, I am up for the challenge.

Especially lately. I’ve been getting back into writing en mass for myself. And I still view blogging as a therapeutic outlet; much like how a journal helps you get thoughts out of your head and eases tension.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, blogging can be a great way to keep you motivated. That is as long as you can maintain the desire to succeed.

That’s been one of my biggest issues over the past couple of years. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re faced with such a bad run of life. But like I said above, this season is inspiring me to do better.

YouTube Videos? Again?

And lastly, I am still trying to get back into doing YouTube videos. I think I’m going to try to do a short one every night as a running log throughout my Halloween resolution.

Essentially, I’m going back to what I was doing in the first place: recording videos for myself to keep motivated.

I didn’t start the blog and YouTube channel to become some fitness influencer. I did it because I wanted a digital record of my progress. So, that’s what I’m getting back into.

A way to show a running record of my rush to the finish line to hit my goal weight.

Because I have so much going on in the day, though, I don’t really have a lot of time for extra videos. So, I’m going to toy with the idea of doing them at night just before bed.

That is as long as I can stay conscious.

What’s Your Halloween Resolution?

I know the thought of a Halloween resolution is a bit silly to some. But in reality, you can make a resolution for any time frame. The only reason I am focusing on Halloween is because I still want to dress up as a superhero and I am energized to do so.

What’s great is that I am sure this isn’t simply a feeling of being bipolar. Usually, my ups only last a day. This time, I’ve been “up” for an entire week! This means I’m sure that it’s a real sense of being excited and not just a manic bipolar episode.

So, let’s get this party started and do something great for Halloween, COVID be damned!

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