Review: Is the Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker Worth Buying?

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I am a fan of making my own egg bites. Depending on the recipe, they can be full of nutritional value. So, as soon as I saw the Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker at Target, I had to get one. And it works surprisingly well.

Currently, it’s among the most used appliances in my kitchen.

In this review, I’m talking about the model 25506, 2-egg cooker. It’s a small unit that fits easily on virtually any countertop.

What is the Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker?

The Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker is a unit that has two sections available to cook eggs. It cooks them in a disc shape, much like you would see in a package at Costco.

By using water and steam to actually cook the egg, there is less of a risk to burn the food. And with its auto-shut-off feature, you can essentially set it and forget it.

By mixing your own recipes, you can save a lot of money creating your own breakfast egg bites.

What Can You Expect from the Egg Bite Maker?

In reality, the Hamilton Beach unit is a pretty basic device. Its overall size makes it convenient for storage and does the job of cooking quite well, as long as you have the right measurement of egg in each tray.

Uses Water to Cook the Egg

Instead of using a heating unit directly under the egg, this device uses boiling water and steam to cook. This greatly reduces the risk of burning if you don’t pay too close attention to cooking.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about biting into a burnt outer shell of your egg bite.

Non-Stick Surface Pops Eggs Right Out

The egg holder itself uses a non-stick surface. When the egg bite maker is done, you simply flip out the food onto your plate. This also means you don’t have to worry about butter or oil, which is great for those watching what they eat.

And if you have a teenage daughter who is paranoid about being burnt by appliances, this is a great product. Both the cover and the handle only get the slightest bit warm.

Easy Cleanup

The non-stick surface means it’s incredibly easy to clean. In fact, cooked cheese that I’ve spilled on the unit comes up without scrubbing or soaking. This is something I can’t say about cooking eggs and cheese in my frying pan.

Yes, I’ve created a few cheese chips in my day.

No Power Switch

To turn the unit on or off, you simply plug or unplug the egg bite maker. I’m not too much of a fan regarding this aspect. For one thing, I like having my most used appliances out and ready to use.

This often means having the ability to turn them on and off at will.

However, there is the aspect of being able to put it away so it’s off the countertop. And with the size, it fits easily in a variety of locations in my kitchen.

So, this isn’t so much of a deal-breaker for me…but more of an annoyance.

Besides, the appliance has auto-shutoff built in after the water levels are depleted. This way, you don’t have to worry about burning the house down.

May Not Cook All the Way Through

One thing I’ve noticed is that you don’t want to overload the egg trays. Putting too much into the tray might not cook the egg all the way through. This is OK if you plan on having something semi-poached.

But it’s a crazy feeling when you think the goo you’re biting into is cheese when in reality it’s the uncooked egg.

It takes a bit of practice to determine the best water level and the amount of egg to use depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

2 Egg Tray

Takes a Bit Longer to Cook

As the Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker uses water and steam, it does take a bit longer to cook than a conventional stovetop. So, if you’re cooking egg bites for a family, it might take quite a long time.

Personally, I set the egg bite maker into action and then clean some of the kitchen while I wait.

Not Overly Expensive

As with most things that are Hamilton Beach, the egg bite maker is not an overly expensive device. You can pick one up at Target or Best Buy for around $25. As it works well to create the round-shaped egg bites, it’s a fairly good price for what you get.

Easy to Create Your Own Recipes

I love coming up with my own recipes for egg bits. I can easily make the snack as heavy or light as I wish. And the last time I added bacon bits, sausage crumbles, and salsa, it delivered an incredible lunch!

I just love to cook, though.

My point is it’s not overly difficult to whip up something you like. Just mix it into a bowl and pour the recipe into the egg bite maker.

What Are My Takeaways from the Unit?

Since I’ve been on a healthier-eating-kick lately, I kind of like the Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker. It’s the perfect size for a single person who is looking to explore a bit of what they can do by making their own egg bites.

In reality, I love cooking and coming up with my own recipes. And this device lets me experiment with adding different things to the egg to see what I can craft.

Personally, I love my Denver Omelet egg bites. But sometimes, a good bacon and cheese bite hits the spot.

Egg bite calories can range from 100 to 200 depending on what you put into them. For instance, using two eggs, half a serving of chopped onions, and a serving of salsa, you can make four in the Hamilton Beach Egg Bite maker at a grand total of 190 calories.

And as it uses steam to cook, it’s quite difficult to actually burn your eggs.

Another aspect I love about this egg bite maker is the cleanup. It doesn’t take much to wipe it down and put it away. With the non-stick surface, there really isn’t much to scrub.

The only thing I would change is having a power switch. I always err on the side of caution, and having a way to shut the unit off in case of emergency is ideal. Of course, you can always just rip the cord out of the socket.

If it wasn’t for taking so long to cook, I’d probably have more egg bites for snacks. They’re convenient, tasty, and not loaded with sugar…unlike my other “snacks.”

I suppose you can cook several up at once and then refrigerate them for snacking throughout the week. I might have to try this to see how well egg bites last in the fridge or freezer.

After all, if you can buy them at Costco, why not just make them in bulk for yourself?

Would I Recommend the Egg Bite Maker?

For the price, the Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker is actually fairly decent for what you get. It’s not difficult to use, cleans up very well, and is conveniently sized for any kitchen.

It works exceptionally well for those who want an alternative to Starbucks egg bite recipes. In reality, I think mine taste better than store-bought bites anyway.

If you know someone who is into cooking eggs or on a health-kick like myself, it would make a great Christmas or birthday present without breaking the bank.

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Hamilton Beach Egg Bite Maker


Ease of Use


Price Value







  • Set it and forget it
  • Non-stick makes easy cleanup
  • Very difficult to burn
  • Compact size makes for easy storage


  • No power button
  • Takes a bit long to cook
  • Too much can leave a raw center

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