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24 Feb

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Online gaming and eSports can be quite competitive. Too many teens and young adults think that downing various stimulants can give them the edge they need to be victorious. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many physical problems including the rare occasion of death. You see, the body cannot survive on caffeine and other chemicals alone.

The Value of Nutrition in Online Gaming

When you think of nutrition, you shouldn’t merely focus on losing weight or going on a diet. Proper nutrition is what’s needed if you want your body to perform as it is supposed to. You’ve probably heard the adage, “You are what you eat.” This statement is more true than what a lot of people realize. Everything you put into your body contributes to physical and mental health.

Proper Diets Enhance Brain Function
The brain requires a balance of nutrition and oxygen in order to perform better. When experts talk about antioxidants and the memory enhancing properties of berries, it’s not just a line to sell more berries. There is a great deal of scientific fact that goes into statements such as these. The food you eat will contribute to the maintenance and operation of your brain. This includes everything from memory enhancement to your emotional states. In turn, your brain performs better for online gaming by helping you keep focused and alert in a natural way.

Reducing the Crash
A lot of stimulants have one major drawback – the crash. This is when you feel invincible for an extended period of time and then suddenly are reduced to a babbling idiot. Everyone experiences this crash in different ways, and it is a very big health concern. A lot of people, especially young adults and kids, believe that you can power through the crash by consuming more of the stimulant. Unfortunately, this is also what has killed a few young adults in past events. Proper nutrition has far less risks involved and managing the crash is much easier on the body. For starters, proper diets can give you a great deal of sustainable energy as opposed to an instant burst. This means you’ll be in the game longer. Online gaming can have a completely different outcome when you’re not fighting your own fatigue.

The Speed of Nutrition
One of the reasons why stimulant drinks are so popular for boosting energy is because of the speed your body absorbs those compounds. There is very little for your stomach to digest and break down. Since about 90 percent of the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, it takes mere minutes to feel the effects of caffeine and other liquid stimulants. Solid foods could remain in your stomach for several hours depending on the amount you’ve eaten and your overall personal physiology. So, this means that healthier alternatives such as fruit smoothies and other drinks are the most ideal when you need a quicker recharge during online gaming. Even the juices contained with berries is far more ideal than a cup of caffeine.

Damages of Overeating
Eating too much does more than just give you gas or increase your body mass. It can also prevent mental focus. If you want to stay sharp while playing games against others, you might want to eat a healthier portion of food as opposed to stuffing yourself.

Fighting Fatigue

When you’re playing for several hours against others in online competition, you’ll eventually be faced with fighting your own fatigue. This is because you’re not getting enough physical activity to pump oxygen to the brain. Contrary to what your friends at school tell you, moving the mouse or moving your fingers on a controller is not a proper workout.

Getting More to the Brain
Exercise isn’t all about losing weight or developing a ripped body for the opposite sex to swoon over. It also plays a part in how your brain works. The greater the flow of blood and oxygen, the more focused and alert you become. This is the driving point behind stimulants. They increase the heart rate which puts more of this into your head. The right form of exercise and foods can do this as well. However, it’s vastly important that you figure out a way to get some physical movement in between gaming sessions. The lack of activity and introducing stimulants into the blood stream can be very bad on your heart.

Foods to Increase Focus:

  • Fish
  • Various Fruits
  • Nuts and/or Peanut Butter
  • Oatmeal
  • Green Tea
  • Bananas

Foods to Increase Energy:

  • Soybeans
  • Eggs
  • Various Fruits
  • Trail Mix
  • Whole Grain Cereals

Benefits of Water
Hydration is an important aspect of living whether you’re playing online games or not. Water keeps the body saturated while enhancing your focus by giving the brain components needed for operation. Not only is this liquid imperative to life, but it also helps flush out the toxins in your body that may prevent memory as well as focus. A lot of people don’t get nearly enough water in their day, which can lead to physical and mental complications.

The next time you’re sitting down to curb-stomp your opponent in your favorite online game, realize the importance of proper eating. Giving your body proper nutrients can impact your focus, skill and overall mood. Healthy eating isn’t just for those looking to lose weight. Depending on the game, it could be your ace-in-the-hole as well.

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