How Health and Fitness Can Change the World

Fitness To Change The World
13 Oct

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Most people may only look at changing themselves when considering health and fitness. While this is a laudable goal, have you ever though about how it could change the world? In fact, a more health-conscious populace could make vast alterations in how things work here on Earth.

Change the World for the Better

While a large portion of this article is mostly going to be speculation and theory, I do plan on making solid points in how health and fitness are key to change the world. I’m by no means an expert in social economics or politics, but I do speak from personal experience.

How can we change the world for the better simply by being more healthy?

Portion Control to Reduce Waste

According to an article at, American households throw out about $640 worth of food each year. Now, take the population of 323.1 million and divide it by the average number of persons in each household, which is about 2.6. This means people in the United States are wasting roughly $77 billion each year in food stuffs.

Two of the biggest contributors to this waste are expiration dates and uneaten leftovers.

Here’s where portion control comes in. I don’t mean to boast, but I throw out 0% of my food each week. This is because I focus on serving myself proper portion sizes and only buy things I know I am going to eat. Because I am mindful of measuring out my food logically, I never over-cook.

How would portion control change the world? Because less consumption means fewer purchases. If the demand for food drops, so does the price in order to entice sales.

Less demand of certain foods may also impact production and agriculture. Instead of requiring large swaths of land, less would be needed as people are not eating nearly as much as they used to. This may then lead to reducing the need for clearing trees to make room for farmland.

According to the CDC, 34.9% of adults in the United States are considered obese. Although I still fall into that category, I’ve lost 60 pounds mostly because of reducing my intake. In a couple of weeks, I will be classified as just being overweight.

Improved Mentality and Intelligence

Over the years, there have been many studies centering around how exercise improves memory and thinking abilities. Fitness also correlates with improved mood and fighting depression and stress. Can you imagine what can be done in the world if the majority of people improved their capacity to think?

Focus, productivity, technological advancements and more can be affected by health and fitness. For me, it’s all about being productive in my day – which I can say regular exercise has made a huge impact. Just merely by people taking care of themselves, humanity can change the world in ways we may not even understand.

Being fit and healthy isn’t about having a ripped stomach or looking good at the beach. It’s about the survival of humanity and having the mental capacity to advance the species.

The health of the brain is pivotal for continued existence. Ambition, motivation, logic and happiness are only some of the aspects of the mind that are improved from health and fitness.

Reduced Pharmaceuticals and Hospital Visits

A healthy body is more resilient to injury and illness. While there will still be times when a hospital visit is needed, being healthier reduces your need for such.

For example, osteoporosis of the hip affects more than 10 million people over the age of 50 in the United States. This is a disease related to low bone density. Ones of the most common methods to prevent osteoporosis is through the intake of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients. In other words, healthy eating can stave off osteoporosis. And that’s just one disease of many that is preventable through proper nutrition.

In reality, many insurance companies give discounts and even cover preventative costs for certain health-related improvements. This is why smokers often pay a higher premium as well as those who are obese. For one thing, a healthy body is less likely to file an insurance claim.

I’m not saying that you’ll become impervious to the common cold or be able to walk away from a horrific car accident without a broken bone. However, recovery time and severity of the incident are more likely to be lower. This is because the body is better prepared to repair itself whether the damage is viral or topical.

New Innovation and Technology

Imagine what could happen if people were to focus on health and fitness when it came to innovation and business development. Would there be fewer fast food restaurants, or would they become something more fitting for health?

As demands change, so does technology. A prime example of this is when you look at how far phones have advanced…and continue to do so. Another example of how innovation will change the world is the impact of wearable fitness technology. I love my Fitbit as I’m sure others love the Apple Watch and other company developments.

This could be merely the beginning, though. If the needs of the populace change in such a drastic way, so will businesses to capitalize on it. Many fast food places serve salads and gluten-free alternatives. It’s not because the CEO decided to go healthy. It’s because health is becoming more of a priority than it was before.

Look at solar panels and renewable energy. As soon as the demand became high enough, innovation and development stepped in. Electric cars are becoming more of a common sight than ever before. And technology continues to develop for these elements regularly.

It all relates to the trend and mentality of the populace. More people who jump on the health and fitness train prompt business owners to make money on it by creating devices or apps to get the most out of the experience.

So, this article was a bit random. It’s just something I felt was important as I watch the world around me unfold. Speaking of how to change the world, I’m going to go change mine and do my Friday exercise routine now…

To Change the World, it Starts with You

One person choosing to live healthier isn’t going to impact the world as a whole. But if more people decided to get the most out of life, it may change the world in profound ways. Being cloaked from facts and science isn’t going to help the human species. Embracing life will.

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