How to Keep a Positive Mind When Things Are Bad

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22 Nov

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It can be difficult to keep a positive mind set when things go awry. I am constantly trying to see the silver lining in various aspects of my life. And, it’s something I am currently working on. However, it needs to be done if you want to have success in virtually everything you do. Like the say goes, “Positive things happen to positive people.” Perhaps that’s been my problem all along. So, what can you do to keep a good frame of mind when things go bad?

Steps to Keep a Positive Mind

Will Fitness Cause DepressionBeing negative all the time can cause everything from mental issues to actual bodily harm. This is developed through high levels of stress. Yes, and even depression can influence your body in such a way.

For humans, decisions are greatly influenced by emotional states. For example, I know I can get very irrational and make poor decisions when I am depressed or angry. The trick is to identify when things are going bad and doing something about it.

I’m not exactly the best person to cover this topic. I let my emotions control me quite often instead of the other way around. However, I am getting a hold of my life by practicing a few steps to keep a positive mind.

Step 1: Quit Dwelling on the Negative

It’s difficult to stay out of the gutter of negative emotions once it begins sweeping you away. If you continue to dwell on the issue, it will only get worse. This often leads to severe depression, which can cause even greater problems later on. I know, seeing the positive when things blow up in your face is extremely hard. But you need to find that focus if you want to get out of it.

It’s OK to feel bad about your situation. However, it does nothing for you if you wallow in self-pity. Not only does it keep you in a negative head space, but it can drive those around you nuts.

Step 2: Learn from the Problem

changing habitsI am a firm believer in a true failure is one you don’t learn from. Even the worst situations can provide knowledge to help you grow as a person. Nobody is perfect, and every bad situation can offer insight as to how never to allow it to happen again. The thing is, you need to be willing to learn a lesson and take steps to not do the same thing over and over.

Too many people are complacent in maintaining a certain lifestyle because it’s comfortable. Look at me. I was miserable but comfortable sitting in my office chair or being locked up in the bedroom 22 hours a day. I made a huge change in my life recently, and I am learning what it means to be me again. I don’t want to go back to slowly killing myself like that.

Learn from your mistakes and take precautions to prevent them from happening again. Otherwise, you run the risk of repeating the same cycles. A positive mind can absorb a great deal of this information, which is one of the reasons why you need to maintain focus.

Step 3: Focus on the Positive

Better HealthThis is somewhat of an obvious step. If you focus on the positive of any situation, it’ll definitely alter your perception. And a lot of time, this doesn’t even have to be a big thing to focus on.

For instance, I could dwell on the fact that I miss my children terribly. Or, I could choose to keep a positive mind and know that what I am doing will be better for them in the long run. They need their father to be clear and level headed. That is something that I was unable to accomplish where I was.

It’s all about finding that silver lining that can make a difference in your life. Yes, that cloud may be pretty dark. It may even hold one hell of a storm. However, there is always some kind of good that can come from almost any circumstance. Imagine how much greener plants are after such a storm.

Step 4: Remind Yourself to Be Positive

naked fitness trackerAs corny as it sounds, praising yourself can have a profound impact on keeping a positive mind. A lot of people will look in the mirror and tell themselves about good qualities. Personally, I meditate and go over the qualities I have. Any way you slice it, you may be surprised by how often it helps.

I am big on meditation and relaxation techniques. Sometimes I tend to forget or get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I simply can’t break away. This is when I meditate in the shower. By focusing on the sound of the water hitting my body, I find relaxation.

The point is that some people need that constant reminder about the positive. I am one such individual. It’s getting easier now that I am in my own element. Any way you feel comfortable doing so, keep reminding yourself about the benefits of keeping positive and the qualities you have because of it.

Step 5: Eat Healthier

diet cheatingWhat kind of list on a health and fitness site would this be without including healthy eating? Yes, food has a great deal of power over you and is capable of helping you focus on being positive. This is due to the vitamins and minerals you’re consuming.

For example, chocolate is just about as universal as a feel good food as you can find. That’s because of the chemical interactions it makes within the brain. The components of chocolate induce hormones that alter your perception and make you feel good.

Chocolate isn’t the only food that can do this, though. There are a ton of different things you can eat that can prompt a more positive outlook on life. Even foods that don’t have a chemical and scientific base can make you feel happy. A lot of us have certain foods that simply bring a smile to our faces. For me, it’s pollo a la creme. I also get tickled pink from cherry divinity – which I cannot find anywhere anymore.

Keep Focusing on a Positive Mind Set

placebo effect in healthNo matter what you do, always know that situations can always be worse. Never believe that you’re at the bottom of the barrel. Because sometimes, life will show you just how much further that barrel can go.

Find things that elicit positive emotions in you. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Even the small things can impact your day. Focus on those and don’t let negativity change what could be something positive.

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