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15 Mar

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Aerobic exercises are not all that different from other activity. The main component that sets it apart from traditional methods of exercise is that it’s based in rhythmic procession. This means that your motions are centered around a specific rhythm whether it’s to the beat of your favorite song or a consistent movement based on timing. You probably do aerobics on some level without even realizing it.

The Basics of Aerobic Exercises

When it comes to aerobics, it’s all based on timing. Usually, an instructor at a gym will guide you to perform various movements to the beat of a song playing on a stereo. It’s all about keeping in rhythm and focus. For those who can keep up with a faster beat, the workout could be quite invigorating. It may also be one of the most effective cardio exercises for weight loss.

The Subconscious Element
Have you ever gone for a walk and then realized that your footsteps were closely in-tune with the beat of a song you were listening to? For many humans, this is actually quite common. No, it’s not a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It’s your brain trying to keep everything in a synchronous activity. For many people, this improves concentration as well as physical comfort in certain situations. With aerobic exercises, you’re purposely preventing chaos in your mind by keeping with a set pattern.

You Don’t Need a Trainer
As long as you can time your movements to the a specific song or perhaps a count in your head, there is no real need for a trainer. However, not everyone has the same level of concentration. Everyone has different physiology and may simply be unable do the same tasks as other people. In this case, a trainer may be helpful as you can follow his or her lead while putting less thought into the process.

Ways to Do Aerobics at Home

Aerobic exercises can be done quite easily in the home. Many people, such as myself, feel more comfortable in this element as opposed to a group session at the gym. For me, it’s more to do with being too poor to join such groups. Plus, I feel self-conscious around others. However, aerobics are quite simple to do when you’re home alone and the kids are at school.

The Right Music
For me, exercise revolves around the right music. I have an affinity for various beats and am quite eclectic. Even when playing Kinect tennis my “celebration” activities are to the beat of the song playing in the game. For me, it’s natural. When I go for walks, I try to keep my pace with the beat of what ever I am listening to. This is why I prefer faster and more energetic music when walking or riding.

Any physical activity you perform to the beat of your favorite workout music is beneficial for the body. I wouldn’t suggest playing slow dance songs as the beat is much slower and the music itself could reduce your own energy level. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to play something that is too fast for what you’re trying to do as you may have trouble keeping up with the song. I’ve spent a great deal of time creating my perfect playlist that is the most helpful when exercising, and I’ll often change songs out if I feel they are unproductive. If you can stay active for approximately five average-length songs, your workout would be complete each day. This is roughly 20 minutes.

Keeping a Mental Rhythm
Keeping a mental rhythm may be more difficult for a lot of people. Personally, I also find it to be a bit more distracting. But that’s me. You may be one of those people who can maintain a rhythm without music playing in the background. Try to maintain a good and even flow of movement to keep the aerobic rhythm going for at least 20 minutes.

Kinds of Physical Activity to Do During Aerobic Exercise

Essentially, any movement can be used in an aerobic exercise. Generally speaking, any movement is ideal as long as you can work up a sweat. For me, it’s dancing around like a fool. It’s all up to you.

Throwing Punches
Since I use weighted gloves in just about everything I do at home, throwing punches to the beat of a song firms my muscles. I’ll often sway side-to-side while performing an uppercut during celebration songs during tennis.

Jumping Jacks
Sometimes, I’ll move quickly from one activity to crack out a few jumping jacks to the beat of a song. I need to be a bit careful so that I don’t hurt my ankles. My weight has fractured bone before, so I don’t want to put too much strain on joints until I lose a bit more weight. However, it’s hard to resist a good beat when doing aerobic exercises and jumping jacks.

Cardio Activities Based in Repetitions
Any cardio activity that has repetitions to it could be ideal for aerobics. For example, a glute bridge relies on lifting your butt off the ground. Although it may look like you’re humping the air, it’s still an incredible workout to firm your glutes – especially during a fast-paced song.

Devising Your Own Aerobic Workout

When you’re ready to get your heart pumping, it’s time to devise your own aerobic workout. Here is what I do when it comes time to set up something perfect for myself. Make sure you know your own personal limitations. You don’t want to give yourself a stroke by trying something you cannot do.

  • Pick a few songs that have a decent beat that you want to listen to. I usually pick five.
  • Select five exercises that are based in repetitions.
  • Set up a workout plan where you can transition from one activity to another easily. If you’ve never done aerobics before, I’d suggest a 10 count on your sets. Don’t worry too much if you need to take a few seconds between each activity to catch your breath. This isn’t a competition.
  • After completing sets for all five of your exercises, repeat the activity.
  • Keep repeating all sets until your songs are over.

As long as you can maintain the rhythm of the exercises throughout the majority of your playlist, you should be able to work up one hell of a sweat.

Aerobic exercises are focused on prolonged activity to a specific rhythm. Eventually, your body will adapt through what’s called “muscle memory.” This means the activity will become easier to do over time. Just remember to keep as active as you can when working out at home. Remember, aerobics is about keeping rhythm while performing virtually any physical activity.

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