Is Cardio Exercise the Best Method For Weight Loss?

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29 Sep

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Everyone has their own ideas about what the best method is for weight loss, aside from a proper diet that is. Should you lift a ton of weights, or should you spend more time running and cycling? Well, that really depends on your idea of weight loss and your goals. Although cardio-based activities can quickly burn the fat, you may also be able to add muscle density in the process.

Burning Calories and Fats

Best Workout RoutineA lot of people have this misconception that there is a difference between cardio and weight training when it comes to calorie burn. In reality, the only true difference is the effort that goes into the workout. Technically anything that can increase the heart rate can be considered “cardio.”

For example, I worked out last night at the gym. Most of the exercises I did were centered around weight training. However, I still burned as many calories as I would have by playing Xbox Tennis – which is quite a bit.

It all revolves around getting the heart rate up.

Personally, I don’t want to bulk up and look like a body builder. I would be happy with Captain America’s physique. But then, who wouldn’t? Because of this, I focus more on toning and burning rather than bulk. Low weights and high reps. How does this help you lose weight?

Sustained Activity

I can easily lift and press more than what I am doing while at the gym. But I would rather have my body burn the fat stores and calories for energy in order to sustain an activity.

For instance, you’ll burn more calories doing 25 reps at 40 pounds on the bicep curl than you would doing 10 reps at 100 pounds. Even though it’s the same total weight, it’s the constant activity that increases the heart rate. As a result, your body is having to convert more material in order to deliver higher energy levels.

Increasing Stamina

Being Social for FitnessPersonally, I’ve found this kind of a routine to be beneficial for keeping me working longer. Instead of getting burned out trying to lift heavier weights, I can keep going as long as my body holds out. I don’t get sore or tired as quickly, and I can keep going to increase the total fat burn.

According to many experts out there, cardio exercises increase your endurance. By keeping with a lower weight with a more active workout, this has been the best method for what I want to accomplish. I don’t want to Hulk out, but I would love to be able to hold my own when walking up a hill.

And lets not forget boosting the sex life. Yes, stamina developed from cardio exercise has potential to increase drive, performance and longevity. It can also affect confidence in yourself, which every mate finds attractive.

What Are Your Goals?

The biggest thing you need to consider are your goals. Are you looking to lose five, ten or 50 pounds? Perhaps you’re at an ideal weight and you simply want definition in your arms and legs. Your objectives will help determine the best method for you when it comes to physical fitness.

Benefits of Starting Slow

Too many people will want you to jump right into something their bodies simply are not ready for. This can cause a great deal of pain later on as well as increase the risk of injury. For instance, an obese many who pushes himself to walk a 5k in loafers can actually cause metatarsal fractures to both feet.

Your body needs to build up to those grand moments you envision. If you’re completely out of shape, then trying to push yourself to jog up that steepest hill you can find could lead you to a heart attack or stroke. This isn’t to mention the mental damage as not being able to accomplish grandiose goals can lead to disappointment and depression.

Starting slow can help you find your limits. It can also give you personal records that you can strive for. It may take you a bit longer to reach a certain weight, but it’s the effort your putting into fitness that will benefit you. Anything beyond your normal routine is beneficial.

Finding the Best Method For You

stay fitAlthough humans have similar builds, everyone has slight differences that make us unique. What works for one person may not benefit another. This is why it’s important to find the best method of cardio exercise specifically for your own physique.

Finding the best method will entail a wide range of factors. These include:

  • Mental focus
  • Physical limitations
  • Practicality

What do you find engaging?
A workout you completely hate will have less of an impact on physical fitness. This is because your feelings for the activity will affect your judgement as well as effort. Instead of enjoying yourself, you’ll find it is more of a mind-numbing chore that should be avoided. Find a cardio activity that you love and it won’t feel like work at all.

What are you capable of doing?
I would love to be able to run for miles on end. But, I am physically incapable of doing that right now. You need to define just what you are capable of doing because it will reduce the risk to yourself. Pushing too hard can have all kinds of negative impacts.

Are your activities practical?
When I say practical, I mean are you capable of sustaining the activity regardless of lifestyle and location? For instance, you may want to swim but don’t have access to a pool. What if you want to join a gym but don’t have the money? You need to find something you enjoy that can be practical in your daily life. Otherwise, you’ll find it more difficult to keep up with it.

Any Activity Is Beneficial for Weight Loss

learning exerciseWhether you’re focusing on cardio workouts or want to add muscle mass, any activity is beneficial for weight loss. The one thing you need to bare in mind is that eating more than you’re burning will not be helpful. You need to focus on a proper personal diet if you want to burn away the fat. Burning 300 calories in a half hour means nothing if you eat 500 calories worth of cupcakes afterwards.

Keeping yourself moving and the heart rate elevated for long periods of time is ideal for the best method of cardio. Whether you’re swimming, running, or pumping iron, it all counts towards strengthening the heart and improving blood flow.

A lot of people would like to have a better facade of themselves. But wishing for it isn’t going to make it happen. It’s up to you to find the best method that works for cardio activity. Just don’t assume the routines of others is going to work the same for you.

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