Let’s See How Much I Can Lose in 3 Weeks

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I haven’t had the most stellar performance for losing weight as of late. Too many things are weighing down on me and the stress was getting a bit much. However, I am still working through everything and determined to lose something before my birthday.

Theoretically, I should be able to lose at least 9 pounds in three weeks. This is according to the CDC’s average of 2 – 3 pounds per week as a healthy rate for weight loss.

Then again, those numbers are based on averages. I’ve been known to drop five in a week without starving or hurting myself in various ways.

Thanks to my genetics and albeit aging metabolism, I’m still capable of losing more than three pounds per week in body fat. Of course, this is based on a steady amount of data I collected in 2018.

A lot has changed since then.

So, What’s the Plan for the Next 3 Weeks?

I know I keep repeating myself, but that’s because I know how effective my diet and exercise plan is overall. The problem I’ve been having over the past couple of years is a lack of commitment.

It just feels like it’s getting harder and harder to maintain my sanity. Especially when everyone and their dog either texts, messages on Slack, or sends one sentence at a time to Discord.

SIgh…anyway, let’s take a quick look at what I’m doing for the next three weeks.

Maintaining a Caloric Deficit

My primary diet consists of simply reducing the amount of food I eat. Without restrictions, I’ve been able to lose 80 pounds and have kept it off for several years. I just need to get over the hump of the last 30.

For this, I use MyFitnessPal and Fitbit to track how much I can eat in a day. Using my Net 600 calorie diet, I need to increase physical activity if I want to eat more.

Keeping Carbs Below 200g

When I’m keeping track of my 12-week fitness challenge spreadsheet, I noticed a pattern emerge. On days when I kept the carbs below 200g, I would lose a significant amount of weight.

In other words, I was converting quite a bit of fat into energy to keep active instead of relying on consumed carbs for glucose.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been tracking foods as I should, so, I can’t say this is a definitive fact. Still, eating fewer carbs isn’t going to hurt me, especially given the number of carbs I eat anyway.

Tracking More Activities

I started a new spreadsheet for a page I’m working on where I’m tracking a variety of physical activities. The idea is to demonstrate which activities are the most ideal for burning calories and fat.

It’s actually something I’ve been wanting to do since I got my Fitbit Charge 2 several years ago. I just think it’s fun to see the impact of various activities such as mowing the lawn or vigorously cleaning the house.

Using the Swimming Pool

Sam bought a new swimming pool for my house. It’s not a massive pool, but big enough to float around and swim at a leisurely rate. And yes, I’ll be tracking my swims to add to the activity spreadsheet.

I’m sure I won’t burn as much as I would by swimming laps in a larger pool. But I bet it’ll still be high on the list of activities in terms of calorie burn per minute.

Increased Gaming

As I am still trying to curb my nightly snacking, I’m going to get back into playing more games at night. Especially since I want to start trying some of the more active games on the Oculus.

I know that I don’t even think about snacking when I’m involved in something other than bingeing Netflix or YouTube.

For instance, I’m working on an update to the Raft blog post I have on ColoradoPlays.com. This means I need to get some quality time playing the game so I can write a proper review.

Twist my arm, right?

Yep, Created a New Spreadsheet…

As you guessed, I’ve set up a new spreadsheet. This one will have a continuous streak of entering data, though. I’ll still update the 12-week fitness challenge page, but this one is the focus for the next few weeks.

Just like the other spreadsheets, yellow are sections with completed data. Everything else is based on averages to give an estimation of how much I’ll weigh by the end.

The idea is to complete the next three weeks without forgetting or getting in the “fuck it” mood.

It’ll be quite an accomplishment if I can go three weeks without skipping out on data entry.

Why Not Longer Than 3 Weeks?

I would go for a longer stretch of time. But three weeks is the week of my birthday, and I plan on being in Utah. This means snacking on a road trip and not really paying attention to birthday goodies.

Not to mention that I am visiting my family, who likes to party and drink a bit. And that would be a pain trying to record everything I drink throughout the night.

So, I’ll maintain this plan for the three-week chunk of time and then start another three-week journey when I get back to see if I can lose the rest.

I highly doubt that I’ll drop 30 pounds in three weeks…at least not without hurting myself in some way. It’s bad enough that I’m going to the gym with a bad elbow.

If not for the fact that it’s my birthday, I’d probably push for a solid six-week plan.

Will I Be Able to Sustain Everything for 21 Days?

That’s the real question, isn’t it? After I’ve kind of sucked keeping track of everything all year long, it doesn’t bode well to go a solid three weeks of recording everything I do.

I’m sure I can, though. It’s not like I’ve never done it before. I know I can do it, I just need to remember that I can.

Am I disappointed in myself? Sure. Am I going to let it ruin my future plans? Absolutely not. If I can get my head in the game, I know I can accomplish some great things for myself.

Since I have a lot of afternoon stuff planned for the next month, though, it should be incredibly easy for me to keep track of everything while avoiding unnecessary snacking.

If I want that extra bag of popcorn, it’s going to cost about 45 minutes on the treadmill. And don’t think I wouldn’t do it for some kettle corn.

Let’s Do This!

Alrighty…now that I’ve psyched myself up, it’s time to put things into motion. The plan is set, the headspace is good, and I have a lot of work ahead of me.

In any case, it’ll make an interesting blog post in three weeks. Especially if I can keep up with tracking the data.

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