Maxpro Elite Review: Whey Protein Formula from Max Muscle

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I am a fan of Max Muscle products. I’ve had nothing but good experiences so far, and I look forward to giving this Maxpro Elite whey protein powder a try. Although I am not aiming for an overly muscular body, it may prove to be helpful to reshape myself a bit.

However, I’m not the type to simply follow a brand blindly. If you’re going to make some claims regarding fitness and health, you can rest assured knowing I am going to break it down from a basis of fact.

So far, my favorite product is Emerge. I noticed a significant different in energy, alertness and physical capacity.
So, let’s dive into what this product is all about.

What Is Maxpro Elite?

Whey Protein Powder

Maxpro Elite is a whey protein powder you add to water to give your body a boost for muscle development. According to Max Muscle, it contains two types of proteins: fast-acting and slow-acting. This is to provide a sustainable level throughout the day.

It’s believed that this whey protein powder delivers a good balance for optimal activity. It’s all about nutrient timing and activating the elements you need when you need them.

Considering I am a desk jockey who wants to increase his daily activity, we’ll see if this is a good product after a month.

Why Would You Want Maxpro Elite?

Lifting Weights

Whey protein powder drinks are plentiful in just about any store. Whether you’re shopping at Walmart or walking into Max Muscle itself, you’re bombarded with options. But why would you select this product among many?


It’s a bit cheaper to buy the bag of Maxpro Elite than some of the other canisters of protein powders. In our local Max Muscle, this bag was $40. Some of the other alternatives can reach $60, $80 and even more than $100 for similar products.

If you stick to one scoop per serving, it comes out to about $1.43 per serving. That’s a bit cheaper than some of the protein bars I’ve seen on the market – which often has fewer proteins and nutrients than the Maxpro Elite.


I have the Peanut Butter Chocolate version of this product. It’s one of the better tastes I’ve come across for those who like Reese’s. You can still taste that it’s a protein shake, but it’s much better than some of the others I’ve had in the past.

In reality, it tastes like the home-made peanut butter bars we’ve made in the past.

29g of Protein per Serving

Maxpro Elite has a lot of protein available in each drink. It also contains 18% of your daily recommended amount of calcium. And that’s if you just mix it with water.

I bet something like this would be amazing in milk.

Where Can You Find the Protein Powder?

Max Muscle Site

We bought the Maxpro Elite directly at the local Max Muscle store. However, you can but directly from the Max Muscle online store. It’s the same price and is probably more convenient for those who live in rural areas.

Unfortunately, you cannot currently buy this product on Amazon…at least that I can find.

Will Maxpro Elite Work For You?

Lifting Weights


  • Alanine
  • Arginine
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Cystine/Cysteine
  • Glutamine
  • Glycine
  • Histidine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Proline
  • Serine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Tyrosine
  • Valine

That’s handy and all, but what do all of things deliver for the human body?

The Science Behind This Product

Here comes the fun part of finding scientific evidence to support why each of these ingredients is important. Let’s see what we can find by scouring the internet for facts.


From a health standpoint, it seems that alanine has no real side effects aside from paresthesia, a tingling sensation you might feel. However, some evidence supports how alanine is beneficial when it comes to sustaining a workout. More research is needed to really support just how much of a performance improvement is generated for strength and endurance. [note][/note]


Arginine is an ammonia detoxifier and converts to glucose while catabolizing to produce energy. In other words, it’s an endurance booster. It’s also used to dilate the arteries while allowing greater blood flow, which is probably why it’s used to treat high blood pressure. Unfortunately, it lacks a lot of scientific study to solidify these claims. [note][/note] [note][/note]

Aspartic Acid

Aspartic Acid has quite a few functions, which probably are more of a side effect for Maxpro Elite. For one thing, it helps deliver elements to boost brain function. Of these functions, one to take note of is how it affects the pituitary gland. It stimulates the production of hormones responsible for maintaining a myriad of functions, including elements to impact testosterone levels in men and ovulation cycles in women. [note][/note]


Cysteine is a component that deals with muscle fatigue as it addresses reactive oxygen in skeletal muscle. This means you can get more physical activity before feeling the effects of getting tired. Coincidentally, cysteine is used in many medical practices from counteracting acetaminophen overdose to treating lung cancer. [note][/note] [note][/note]


According to studies, glutamine is beneficial when it comes to muscle soreness and quicker recovery. Although it affected men to a greater degree than women, it’s still an element that helped everyone achieve a better recovery time. This is one of the reasons why it’s used in a lot of whey protein powder supplements. [note][/note]


Glycine is used by the human body to create proteins. It also affects how the brain interacts with the body by improving chemical signals. What does this mean for you? That it’s possible the glycine helps in muscle development as well as brain processing power. [note][/note]


One study shows how low levels of histidine contributes to gaining weight. In fact, numbers show how individuals were capable of losing weight while taking the supplement. Obese, pre-diabetic and diabetic men experienced an increase of muscle development from histidine. This is partly because it’s a glucose intolerance treatment, a precursor to diabetes. [note][/note] [note][/note]


Isoleucine is a branched chain amino acid, also known as BCAAs. These elements are widely known to help produce muscle mass when mixed with other components. This is because BCAAs alone cannot support muscle synthesis. However, evidence supports how isoleucine is beneficial for defining muscle and strength. [note][/note]


Leucine is a booster of muscle development. Along with other essential amino acids, it facilitates a body’s ability to maintain and define muscle mass. However, it takes more of a dosage for those who live a sedentary lifestyle, such as myself. It boils down to activity giving leucine a better chance to do its job. [note][/note]


Lysine is a component widely used in medications and weight training supplements. Although it requires more study to truly demonstrate the benefits to humans, it does show how this amino acid enhances growth, in fish. [note][/note] [note][/note]


When combined with other components, the methionine amino acid contributed to better lean muscle development in the elderly. After 12 weeks, there was a significant difference in the Lean Body Mass index and other strength-measure scores. Coincidentally, it also contibutes to enhancing the breast muscles, in various birds. [note][/note] [note][/note]


It’s believed that phenylalanine contributes to protein synthesis in humans. In one study, phenylalanine played a part in treating those with peripheral arterial disease. While it wasn’t a massive breakthrough, it did help those individuals reclaim muscle development. [note][/note] [note][/note]


The body uses proline for repairing tissue, maintaining blood pressure and the formation of collagen. One of the things that sets this component aside from others is its ability to prevent arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. It’s a non-essential amino acid that also benefits muscle development. [note][/note]


Serine contributes to maintaining metabolism as well as muscle development. In the Maxpro Elite product, it’s more than likely used to help the body metabolize fats. It also comes with a few other benefits like treating mental and various muscle-related diseases and ailments. [note][/note]


The amino acid threonine is another element for building proteins within the body. It changes into glycine within humans and reduces spasticity, or the contraction of muscles. In this instance, it is more likely used as a relaxant after a workout to help facilitate faster recovery. [note][/note]


Tryptophan is most commonly recognized as the amino acid which helps you sleep after a nice Thanksgiving dinner. This is because it helps the body develop serotonin and melatonin. Its also linked to stimulating muscle mass, according to a study involving rats. It’s widely used and praised among many fitness experts and manufacturers. [note][/note] [note][/note]


Tyrosine is often linked to metabolism and mood regulation. It also controls the appetite while possibly reducing stress. During one study, memory recall was much higher in those using tyrosine under extreme stressful situations, such as combat training. [note][/note]


Valine is part of the family of BCAAs used in most whey protein supplements. As such, it’s always linked to muscle enhancement during workouts and weight training. It also contributes to glycogen synthesis in muscle cells to promote a small boost of energy. [note][/note]

What the Best Way to Use Maxpro Elite?

This product centers more around muscle development. Which means it’s more suited for weight training. However, the human body creates muscle mass during many physical workouts. In a sense, this could still help even if you spend the day mopping floors or riding a bike.

Personally, I am more interested in its metabolic properties. According to the data, an overweight person should experience a significant difference over the course of several weeks.

Although the recommended dose is about two scoops for someone who weighs as much as I, I’m still sticking to the one-scoop process. To be honest, I just want to stretch the Maxpro Elite for as long as I can. Besides, I don’t do a lot of weight lifting.

I am interested to see if there is a difference in my mood and energy levels from the Max Muscle whey protein powder, though.

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