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18 Jul

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Recently, after more than two years of use, my Fitbit Charge HR died. It was working, then it wasn’t. Like all electronic devices, it simply finished its term as a tracking device. So, I wrote an article about it and shared it on social media with no expectations other than it might attract a visitor or two. However, it piqued the interest of Fitbit support, and I was pleasantly surprised.

How Fitbit Support Exceeded My Expectations

fitbitThe Fitbit Charge HR was one of the most utilized tools for losing more than 50 pounds so far. It was the base instrument to most of my personal case studies. So you can see, it was heartbreaking when it died on me.

I wrote an article about my device dying and what I should do next. I merely mentioned Fitbit in the post on Twitter, as I do with most companies I write about. Sometimes I can get a share or a re-tweet from some of the companies I write about.

This time, however, I was surprised when Fitbit support got in contact with me within minutes of the post.

I expressed to the support staff that I am sure the HR is long gone. I tried the whole reset while plugged in trick and everything else I could think of. We resolved the issue with the general consensus that the device was indeed dead.

I casually mentioned to the support staff that I was interested in buying a Charge 2 anyway, and this was just a reason to do so.

Fitbit then provided me with a 25% off coupon and one year free premium service! I know that it’s the standard “keep-a-customer” discount and that I wasn’t anything special in particular. However, it’s the effort they put into keeping me as a loyal customer that makes Fitbit my go-to company for wearable fitness trackers.

Immediate Interaction

Within moments of posting my article on Twitter, Fitbit support interacted with me. In reality, I was hoping for a like or perhaps a re-tweet. However, the company went full-support on me and was willing to see if they could help fix the problem.

This is what customer engagement is all about. Instead of risking that I would go to a competing company for my fitness needs, they put forth the effort to keep me satisfied. Not many companies put this much effort into interaction on social media, especially from someone with less than 100 followers on Twitter.

Fitbit support didn’t send phone numbers for me to call or have me fill out some fix-it-ticket. They were quick to respond and listened when I explained the problem and everything I tried to fix it myself.

Respectful and Courteous

achieving realistic goalsOut of the many companies I have talked with over the years, Fitbit has perhaps some of the most respectful and courteous support staff I’ve come across. They didn’t make me feel like the Charge HR breaking was my fault and I didn’t feel like they were trying to belittle me in any way.

For me, good support interaction goes a long way. I don’t mind paying extra for a company that puts forth the effort to engage and satisfy those who are handing over money. It’s all part of the superior customer experience.

The Benefits

To be honest, I wasn’t looking for handouts or freebies. I just wrote an article I thought people would like to read. The end result is a 25% discount I wasn’t aware was possible and a free year of the premium service. I don’t know if I’ll keep the premium service after it expires, but the 25% off saved me almost $30 at check out.

The most important benefit, though, is that of knowing Fitbit support has my back should something happen to my device. The quick response, knowledgeable staff and friendly demeanor is why I will continue to be a Fitbit fan and supporter.

Customer Preferred Communication

Another point I’d like to mention is how Fitbit support used my preferred method of communication. Unlike other companies who may share phone numbers or suggest you call a local office, Fitbit connected with me through Twitter and then eventually in email.

Personally, I hate talking on the phone. When a company suggests I call their support number, I search Google for better solutions. That wasn’t the case in this situation. The conversation started on Twitter and then moved to email seamlessly. I didn’t feel forced to communicate on their terms.

It seems like the company operates as a whole, with each section contributing to the greater good. What I mean is that if I mention Charter in a Tweet, they tell me to go to the local office for assistance. Not in this case.

I know there is a big difference between a consumer electronic device and a multi-location TV and Internet company such as Charter, but it just seems like Fitbit was more willing to help me rather than pawn me off on someone else.

The Overall Experience: Superior

Better HealthBetween the customer discount, free year of service and excellent interactions with Fitbit, I can safely say my experience with the company is superior. It’s difficult to find good organizations who go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with the product.

I suppose in a way, this makes me a fan boy for Fitbit. So be it. After all, I’ve found it to be a quality brand that isn’t overly expensive and has great customer support. Why wouldn’t I be a fan?

Continuing With Fitness

The key element from this experience is that I am able to continue my case studies for fitness. I can now add a new Charge 2 to my tools. In a way, Fitbit support has helped me stay on track and get back to a reasonable weight. I know that’s probably not the company’s ultimate goal, at least from an investor standpoint. But it’s an incredible gesture nonetheless.

I also want to iterate that Fitbit is in no way paying me for this article. It is not an advertisement and the views expressed in this piece are based purely on my experience with the company. However, if they want to pay me as an endorser, I wouldn’t turn down the money. 🙂

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