My Problem With Over Doing It

10 Nov

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Last night, I had to slow myself down while at the rec center. I was dangerously close to hurting myself while lifting weights. Although the spirit may be willing, you need to realize that the flesh may just be weak. You can’t expect to look like a superhero overnight. And that is something I need to come to terms with.

Feeling the Burn, Not Passing Out

Pushing yourself too hard while exercising can have extremely dangerous adverse effects. It’s easy to pull a muscle, give yourself a heart attack or even brake a bone when weight training. If you’re as out of shape as I am, it can be even more dangerous since we are at a higher risk for heart problems.

Nice and Easy Wins the Race
In reality, any activity beyond what you did in the past is beneficial. For those that are considered obese, it’s always best to go at an easy pace. You need to work into building yourself up. After a workout, you should feel a bit sore and tired – not in pain. If your in extreme pain after lifting weights, then you probably over did it. It’s a process that may take you a year, but it’s worth the effort when your able to do things you’ve never done before. For me, I geeked out about being able to sit straight up from laying down – something I’ve never done before.

You should never feel light headed when exercising. This could signify a variety of problems such as low blood pressure or a lack of proper nutrition. If you’re getting to the point of passing out, then you need to take a closer look at what you’re doing wrong.

Make Sure You Eat Correctly
For me, I used to have a habit of not eating as much as I should in an attempt to lose weight. This was bad since my body wasn’t getting what it needed to function properly. Regardless of how you slice it, the human body requires a balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals in order to sustain itself. When you begin starving yourself of these key components, you could cause direct physical as well as mental damage. Once I started eating better, everything corrected itself.

Don’t Base Current Abilities Off of Past Performance

As I am getting back onto the weight-training horse, I need to realize that it’s been more than six months since I seriously tried to do much in the way of pumping iron. I am not able to do the extensive work I was able to last year because I relaxed on exercising. Because of this, I gained all my weight back and am almost as weak as I was in 2014.

Don’t Rely on Past Performance
When I walked into that rec center last week, I was under the impression that I could just pick up where I left off. This was sadly not the case. At one point, I was able to lift more than 50,000 pounds throughout my 45 minute session. Now, I hurt something fierce after doing 10k. This time, I prepared myself for the inability to match my past performance. By starting slow, I can gauge my limitations and what I can physically do without putting myself into the hospital.

Creating a Routine

Last year, I made great strides by developing a routine for myself. Since I want to create lean muscle instead of bulk, I concentrate more on repetition rather than overall weight. Once you get a stable routine going, it’s easy to modify what you need to do in order to create the results you want.

Take note of how you feel the day after your workout. This will help you determine how far you can take the exercise next time.

I thought I could do more because I was able to in the past. Back in June, I suffered greatly because of it. I started passing out in mid sentence, I would get dizzy often and it felt like my muscles were being torn from my body. This was overdoing the workout. Since then, I admitted my own limitations and am working to be better than I was. The last thing I want is to give myself a heart attack on the treadmill because I pushed myself way too far. I admitted to myself that I am obese, but I don’t need to stay that way.

You are the only one preventing yourself from looking like a Marvel character in the comic books. Through dedication, determination and finding what works best for you, it’s possible to drastically change your physique without resorting to operations or medical treatments. Have faith in your own capabilities and change your way of life.

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