Only Lost 1.8 Pounds this Week, Need More Effort

Need More Effort
07 Aug

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

So, I wouldn’t call this past week an absolute failure. I did manage to lose 1.8 pounds and 0.3% body fat. But, I’m going to need far more effort if I want to hit my goals by Halloween.

And I really can’t fall back on my old excuse of being too lazy. This last week, I was genuinely busy between work and my personal projects.

I mean, I’m getting a lot done on a professional level. I just don’t seem to have much time for me at the moment. Well, outside of streaming on Twitch three times a week.

Still Having an Issue with “More Effort”

I need to find a way to create some kind of balance in my life. I often fall back into dwelling on all the things I need to get done, even the things that are scheduled for another day.

And it’s become so habitual to clear my workout alarms that I don’t even realize I’m doing it most of the time.

Suffice it to say, it’s been difficult to add more effort into health and fitness throughout my daily routine. However, I’m still going to keep at it until I do.

Not A Lot of Data to Show This Week

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of data to show off this week. Mostly because I simply forgot to workout, write down what I did, or managed to walk for great distances without recording.

Not only that, by nightly snacking is still a bit of an issue. And I completely forgot to record the calories at night…conveniently.

But this is a new week. And I’m going to find the power to add more effort to record all data points. After all, the things I want to do would make some good blog posts regarding case studies.

Not Getting Enough Sleep!

I’m still not getting enough sleep. Between staying up way past my bedtime and having a brick for a bed, I’m always tired.

I have no doubt that my lack of sleep is contributing to my lack of maximum effort. It’s difficult to maintain a good flow of thought when you’re exhausted all the damn time.

I’m supposed to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. I’m lucky to hit over 6 most of the time. Not to mention how the comfort level of my bed affects the quality of sleep I get.

Not Being Active Enough

Part of why I only lost a couple of pounds is because I haven’t been active enough throughout the day. According to the CDC, 2 to 3 pounds is about average for an adult to lose in a seven-day stretch.

But, I should have lost far more than that in the grand scheme of things.

In fact, I only played the Xbox Kinect perhaps two or three times this week. I’m starting my day way too late and often don’t get a chance to play because I need to get to work.

Have Been Incredibly Busy

As I said, I’ve been busy beyond belief, lately. Between all of my personal projects and having to help my client get their content and videos up, I’ve just not had enough time in the day.

Every time I think I have a good schedule planned out and ready to tackle the day, something comes up and veers me off course.

I can’t say that my entire day is streamlined. I still get a bit sidetracked with stuff. But lately, the majority of my time is spent trying to secure various aspects of my future.

I suppose I need to change my mentality, though. Adding more effort to health and fitness will help me enjoy that future I’m trying to create.

What I’m Doing to Add More Effort this Week

Well, I’m starting this week off at 216.4 pounds and 31.1% body fat. I know I can do better. I’m still working on regaining that passion for losing as I did back in 2014 and 2015.

I guess baby steps are better than nothing at all. And like I tell my kids, “Any victory is still a victory.” So, let’s see what I can do to improve the aspect of more effort this week.

Forcing Myself to Follow My Schedule

One of the biggest issues I’m having as of late is sticking with my actual schedule. Part of that has to do with sleep, though. So, if I can actually get some rest at night, a lot of stuff will fall into place.

But once I am up, I still need to focus on maintaining my schedule. This includes remembering to work out when the alarms go off.

Another aspect of this includes only worrying about projects that are due for a specific day.

For instance, Mondays and Wednesdays I dedicate to WriterSanctuary. It makes no sense to worry about Colorado Plays on those days.

Go To Bed!

Getting to sleep at a reasonable time and actually sleeping throughout the night is going to be a chore. But, I still have a lot of Sleepytime Tea, which I know has an impact on me.

Like everything else, though, I still have to remember to drink it at 9:00 pm so it has time to work through my system before bed. If I wait too long, it’ll put me down past my alarm at 6:00 am.

And, instead of watching that one more video of Achievement Hunter on YouTube, I need to go to bed when I am actually tired.

Remember to Record the Data

Lastly, I want to work on remembering to record my data for eating and working out. Usually, I’m pretty good at this. But lately, I’ve been slacking pretty bad when it comes to jotting down workouts and eating.

It’s all about getting back into positive habits and making sure I follow through.

How Do You Put In More Effort?

To be honest, I’m next to positive that a lot of my instabilities, forgetfulness, and stresses are all centering around a lack of sleep. If I can figure out a way to improve my nightly patterns, I bet a lot of my problems would solve themselves.

The problem is sleeping on a bed that is extremely uncomfortable. That’s where the Sleepytime Tea will come into play. Hopefully.

But if you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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