Review: How Good is the Quest Cookies & Cream Protein Bar?

Quest Cookies n Cream Protein Bar
01 Mar

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My search for a great snack that doesn’t cost a lot in calories and carbs continues. Today, I’m taking a look at the Quest Cookies & Cream protein bar and how well it stacks up as a dieting treat. And I have to say, Quest doesn’t disappoint.

I guess I am a bit biased thus far. I’ve actually enjoyed just about everything Quest has put out. My only issue with the brand is the cost-per-serving ratio. I’ll go over that in a moment.

Though, it’s still affordable compared to alternative snacks that are out there for diet foods.

What is the Quest Cookies & Cream Protein Bar?

Quest does a decent job of combining cookies and cream in this protein bar as part of its alternative-snack selection. It’s a low-carb, low-calorie snack that can easily be used to satisfy tastes or to take with you to the gym.

The high protein within the bar makes it ideal for a wide variety of diet plans or exercise routines.

And the best part is that the product is widely available. Well, at least it is in my location. Between Walmart, Target, Max Muscle, and other health-food stores, it’s easy to pick up just about anywhere.

You can also order it from Amazon for a bit lower of a cost per bar, see below.

What Can You Expect From the Quest Cookies & Cream Bar?

I recently finished off the 8-pack box and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the product. But like I said, I don’t think there is anything Quest makes that I don’t like…outside of the pride they hold for their products.

So, what makes the Quest protein bar worthwhile if you like cookies and cream?

4g of Net Carbs

If you’re watching the carb intake, whether it’s for the keto diet or other plan, the Quest Cookies & Cream bar has only 4g of net carbs. This means it falls well within the purview of many diets.

Although it has a total of 21g of carbs, it’s the dietary fiber and sugar alcohol that make up the majority.

Personally, I keep track of total carbs for my diet routine. However, it’s still lower than a lot of alternatives that I snack on during the day.

21g of Protein

Need a protein bar while working out at the gym? Need something as a post-workout snack? The Quest cookies and cream product has you covered with 21g of protein per serving.

This is actually quite a bit higher than a lot of bars I’ve tried in the past. And depending on the workout, it makes a great addition to the day.

To put it into perspective, this is just shy of the Max Muscle protein shake I make during gym days.

Overall Good Cookies and Cream Taste in the Protein Bar

Perhaps one of the most disappointing things about “healthy” foods is the taste. Look no further than the Palmini Mashed Hearts of Palm I tried recently.

Luckily, Quest does a pretty good job capturing the cookies and cream flavor in this protein bar. While it still has the “protein bar” weirdness I’ve come to expect, I can still tell that it is, indeed, cookies and cream.

A big part of that is thanks to the chunks of cookie and cream bits throughout the bar.

Low in Calories Compared to Many Other Snacks

As I try to follow my Net 600 Calorie Diet, I focus on caloric intake more than anything. This Quest product comes with 200 calories and is more filling than if I were to have the equivalent of a serving and a half of Oreos.

Usually, two cookies of any brand equal about a serving while running at 140 to 150 calories. When you compare the size of this bar versus what you get with Oreos, you get far more mass. This means it’ll take more space in the stomach to help you feel satisfied.

The best part is that I usually don’t feel additionally snacky after having one of these bars.

A Bit Dense When Eating

Speaking of mass, the Quest protein bars are usually quite dense. Not only does this mean you fill your stomach with less junk, but it also means it may be a bit difficult to chew for some.

If you accidentally leave it out in the car during the winter, don’t expect to be eating it any time soon.

Of course, this is quite common among most protein bars I’ve had in the past. Still, the density is probably the biggest contributor behind why you don’t feel snacky afterward.

Cost is On Par for Fitness Foods and Snacks

Perhaps the biggest complaint of most health foods is the cost-per-serving. As I said earlier, Quest is quite proud of its products. Individually, the bars cost around $2 each. Considering that I can almost buy an entire bag of Oreos for the cost of one bar, it’s not very cost-effective.

But you also need to consider what you’re getting for that price. Oreos don’t have nearly the protein count, have a much higher caloric and carb value, while having fewer dietary fibers.

To make the package last a bit longer, I try to just eat one of the Quest Cookies & Cream protein bars per gym day. Nonetheless, the product really isn’t that much different in price compared to other health food brands.

Great Source of Fiber

As I said earlier, the Quest protein bar is loaded with dietary fiber. This is a perfect snack for those who need more fibers in their diet for…personal reasons.

In a single bar, you’ll get 15g of fiber, or 54% of your daily value if you’re following along with a 2,000 calorie diet plan.

This is mostly why it has 4g of net carbs with every serving. Personally, I like the idea of getting most of my fiber in a single snack. It makes keeping track of what I need to eat next much easier to manage.

Is the Protein Bar a Viable Substitute for Snacking?

According to the Nutritional Facts label on the box, the Quest Cookies & Cream bar is a good alternative to snacking throughout the day. From the high protein count to the low net carbs, you can feel satiated without packing on the pounds.

And if you’re worried about gluten, look no further than most Quest products. According to the brand, the Quest cookies and cream bar is certified as being gluten-free.

As I know a few people who are very sensitive to gluten products, Quest makes it easier for them to find a good snack.

The only real problem I have in this Quest bar review is the fact that all healthier foods are at a much heavier cost. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of disposable income, this can be quite a problem when you want to make big changes in your eating habits.

Though, you could probably just chalk this up to a non-regular treat or to use as a sustainability factor when working out. I know I benefit when I have something like this on hand at the gym.

Comparatively, though, the Quest protein bar products are perhaps among the best around when it comes to taste and nutrition for the price.

Would I Recommend the Quest Cookies & Cream Bar?

Like I said in the beginning, I am a bit biased. I truly enjoy everything I try out for Quest. Though, I currently think the chocolate chunk cookies are the snack to beat.

At any rate, I would have to say, “yes.” If you’re looking for a good protein bar that doesn’t taste like burnt paper wrapped in rubber, Quest is a good option.

Pick Up the Quest Cookies & Cream Protein Bar Today!

And with so many flavors available, there’s virtually something for everyone.

Even though it’s usually a seasonal thing, I suggest trying the Peppermint Bark protein bar from Quest. You can get it right now on Amazon, and it is among my top flavors.

Quest Has a Lot of Good Products

With each Quest protein bar I try, it’s getting harder and harder to pick an ultimate favorite. I simply like everything the brand puts out, so I don’t know if I could only pick just one.

Still, the Quest Cookies & Cream protein bar is a great choice if you’re looking to add a bit of snacking to your diet plans. I know it fits in mine with no problems at all.

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