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Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge
10 Oct

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I’m a fan of light ice cream, especially since it’s essentially my Achilles heal. Since I enjoy other flavors of the brand, I decided to try the Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge Swirl tub. And although it has good flavor, I am slightly disappointed in the “fudge” aspect.

The fudge is pretty good, but It’s the lack of a fudge swirl that I am concerned about.

What Is Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge Swirl?

This product is similar to other light ice creams you’d find in the freezer section of your local store. It’s based on reducing calories per pint by lowering the amount of sugars that are used.

It also promotes a decent amount of protein both per serving and per pint.

Essentially, it’s a low-fat ice cream alternative to the slew of other competing brands.

Why Should You Want Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge?

I’m a fan of raspberry gel chocolate sticks you get from places like Walmart. And this ice cream gets pretty close to the mark with its flavor. However, it doesn’t have a great deal of fudge in the container.

And with a name including “Fudge Swirl,” you’d expect it to have a bit more than it actually does.

Excellent Texture

The ice cream itself is quite smooth. It doesn’t have that weird ice crystal texture that some of the other light ice cream brands have. In fact, the texture alone is enough to make you think you’re not eating a light ice cream.

This probably has something to do with how the product is made with fresh cream.

Great Raspberry Taste

For those who are fans of the fruit, the Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge Swirl has an excellent raspberry taste. I’ve had some alternatives that were a bit tart or had far too much emphasis on the fruit. But this one is a nice surprise.

Healthier Alternative

Like other light ice creams, this product focuses on more of a low-fat and low-calorie solution for those who have a sweet tooth. It’s comparable to other health-minded brands in terms of composition and health value.

Not a Lot of Fudge Content

Raspberry Ice Cream

Even though the texture and taste were spot on for the raspberry portion, it did lack fudge content. There were a few swirls here and there, but it seemed more like an after thought than actually part of the dessert.

However, I can say the bits of fudge swirl that I did find had a really good taste to them. I just wish is was more pronounced.

What Kind of Health Benefits Are In It?

I’m always on the lookout for health-minded ice cream brands. As it’s one of my favorite snacks, I would love to indulge without suffering the consequences.

So, what can I say about Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge ice cream in terms of health value?

Low Calorie Content

Like many other types on the market, this product delivers a low-calorie count. For the entire pint, you’ll consume about 330 calories. Perhaps the biggest difference in this aspect is how many competing brands are less than a pint in volume for the same calories.

Which means you’re getting more volume in Breyers as you would in another.

High Protein Count

Breyers makes it a point to illustrate how the whole container of ice cream delivers 20g of protein. This is decent, especially if you’re into any kind of weight training or physical fitness.

Good Calcium Content

The entire pint gives you about 45% of your daily requirement for calcium, if you stick to a 2,000 calorie diet. While this isn’t bad for a light ice cream, it’s a bit lower than some of the others I’ve tried in the past.

High Potassium Intake

One vitamin that stands out to me in the Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge Swirl is the potassium. After eating the entire pint, you’ll get about 700mg…or 15% of your daily need.

This is important considering how 98% of people do not get enough potassium in their diets to begin with.

Good Sodium Levels

The sodium content of this product is about par for light ice cream. However, it’s a bit higher than some of the others that are available in the freezer section. If you’re trying to keep the sodium intake down, you may want to carefully read the Nutrition Facts before buying this one.

On the other hand, it’s still relatively low compared to other things you can eat. For instance, the entire container of this ice cream will only set you back 200mg.

More Volume than Competitors

One of the things that stands out most to me is how you get more volume per serving for about the same amount of calories. In this case, it’s 2/3 cup as opposed to the common 1/2. It’s not a vast amount, but it’s still enough to take note.

Will Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge Work to Help Lose Weight?

If you’re capable of sticking to the suggested serving of 2/3 cup, this ice cream won’t do a lot of damage to a diet. Although the carbs are a bit high, hitting at 26g per serving, it’s not all that bad considering what you could eat.

This is especially true if you’re active in any regard. It wouldn’t take much to burn the energy from this ice cream.

But like any type of food, it’s all about portions and moderation. The whole pint might not be devastating to weight loss, but eating a few of them per day would be.

Where Can You Get Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge Swirl?

I picked my pint up from Walmart for $4.99. However, I’ve seen them available at Safeway and Target. Essentially, they should be available anywhere you have access to the Breyers brand.

At its price, the snack runs about $1.66 per serving. Which means it’s nearly $0.50 higher than most of my meals. And since I try to keep my budget within reason, I don’t think this is something I will indulge often.

Especially when there are better products available both in price and health value.

Still, there’s no denying that the Breyers Delights Raspberry Fudge Swirl has a good taste. Unfortunately, I just don’t see the price being justifiable for my budget.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Although the raspberry had a nice texture and great flavor, the lack of fudge was disappointing. And even though you get more volume per serving for the same amount of calories, it’s just nothing worth going nuts over.

Don’t get me wrong, Breyers isn’t all that bad of a brand. In fact, the chocolate peanut butter tub is one of my favorites from the manufacturer. However, this light variation just doesn’t do it for me.[template id=”3591″]

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