Review: Chilly Cow Chocolate Brownie Batter Bars

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Looking for a good tasting chocolate ice cream bar that is lighter in calories? The Chilly Cow Chocolate Brownie Batter Bars are something you should seriously consider. They are easily among my favorite snack today, and they are decent in terms of health value.

That is, as long as you’re capable of just eating one and not the whole box. Which I find it difficult to do because I love the taste of the brownie batter bars in general.

What is a Brownie Batter Bar from Chilly Cow?

Chilly Cow makes several health-minded ice cream snacks. The Brownie Batter Bar is just another iteration of that with a chocolaty taste.

It’s a much lighter frozen dessert for those like me who have a sweet tooth but don’t want to indulge in heavier ice creams.

Why Should You Want Brownie Batter Bars?

I’m not one to follow strict diet plans. I find that being too restrictive on what you eat often leads to resentment, stress and eventually giving up. And I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

Chilly Cow Brownie Batter Bars are a good alternative for those like me who want to lose weight but don’t necessarily want to cut out sweet snacks.

Excellent Chocolate Taste

One of the highlights to this product is the smooth chocolate texture and taste. It’s perhaps one of the best “light” chocolates I’ve come across that doesn’t cost more than 250 calories.

It doesn’t taste like chocolate-flavored cardboard as you would find in other brands.

Sweet, Sweet Brownie Batter

If you like chocolate brownie batter, you’re in for a treat. Chilly Cow places swirls of the batter in the center of the bars. This is probably why it’s a few calories higher than other Chilly Cow bars on the market.

And I can say the brownie batter itself is full of flavor.

Decent Sized Bars

I’ve had quite a few “diet” ice creams this summer, and I can say that the Brownie Batter Bars from Chilly Cow are much larger in size. While this also increases the calorie count slightly, I don’t feel like I need to eat more than one of these to feel satisfied.

What Kind of Health Benefits Are In It?

Part of what reduces the calorie and fat count of Chilly Cow Brownie Batter Bars is the ultra-filtered nonfat milk used in the product. And although there is a degree of sugar in the ice cream, it also uses stevia leaf extract, a safe alternative to sugar.

There are a few more carbs than what some people might like in their daily diets. The bars themselves contain about 19g, including 8g of carbs from sugars. But if you’re physically active in any regard, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The biggest draw for me to this snack is the number of calories. It only has 110 per serving, which is more than half of what you’d find in a pint of popular ice cream brands.

This is especially true if you’re unable to eat less than the pint itself.

Will Brownie Batter Bars Work to Help Lose Weight?

Brownie Batter Bars NutritionIn reality, losing weight is subjective to each individual. While some swear that a low-carb diet is perfect, others like myself are more versatile.

For what I’m trying to accomplish, the Chilly Cow Brownie Batter Bars contribute to weight loss in a few different ways:

  • Portion Sizes
    I love ice cream, but I really suck when it comes to scooping out the right amount. As these bars are already portioned out for me, I am less likely to binge eat.
  • Fewer Calories
    Instead of eating 230 calories of a portion of brand ice cream, I am satisfied with this 110 calorie alternative. In fact, there is more ice cream in one bar per volume for fewer calories than many alternatives.
  • Higher in Protein
    Compared to many other types of frozen dessert, the Brownie Batter Bars are much higher in protein. This has great potential to help those who are increase physical activity such as myself.
  • Higher in Calcium
    Chilly Cow is also higher in calcium when compared to similar ice creams in the freezer isle. In fact, you’ll get about 15% of your daily serving of calcium from a single bar.
  • Good Vitamin A Content
    This dessert has a decent amount of vitamin A, which contributes to several health benefits. For instance, vitamin A helps skin, teeth, bones and hair.

The trick is to keep yourself to just one bar. In the long run, most foods on the market can be considered healthy…as long as you eat them in moderation. One bar is good, but the entire box of five is still too much.

Sticking to proper portions is ideal for any diet, and the Brownie Batter Bars help me stay the course by giving what I want in one sitting.

Where Can You Get It?

I picked up my box of Chilly Cow Brownie Batter Bars from a nearby Safeway. It was $4.99 for a box of five, which makes them roughly a dollar a piece. For me, that’s a bit pushing my budget limit.

However, it’s better than spending $5 on a pint of ice cream that I know for a fact I’ll eat in one sitting. I have little to no will power when it comes to ice cream.

Unfortunately, it’s hit or miss when going to your local store. For example, Walmart has the Chilly Cow Peanut Butter tubs, but not the bars. And not all Walmarts are the same in this regard.

Many stores base what they get according to local needs, which means you may or may not have this in your local grocer.

What’s the Bottom Line?

This is actually the third box of Chilly Cow Brownie Batter Bars I’ve had in my freezer over the summer. It’s by far my favorite from the manufacturer, and probably will continue to be for some time to come.

The silky texture and amazing chocolate taste are easily worth the cost. And because they have a modicum of health to them, I am still losing weight and feeling good after eating one.

Now if they would combine this chocolate with a good peanut butter, I would be on Cloud Nine.[template id=”3591″]

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Chilly Cow Brownie Batter Bars




Price Value


Calories Per Serving


Health Value



  • Silky smooth texture
  • Excellent chocolate taste
  • High in calcium, vitamin A and iron
  • Good portion size


  • A bit heavy in calories comparitively
  • More carbs than some alternatives

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