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Golds Gym Ankle Weights
20 Jun

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Ready to really add some effort to your abs and legs? Strap on a pair of Gold’s Gym ankle weights and you can increase the workload. While I might sound like an advertisement, I assure I genuinely love these things.

Then again, I like most products that amplify the effort when working out. Even a pair of poorly crafted Fila gloves are in my daily routines.

What Are Gold’s Gym Adjustable Ankle Weights?

The ankle weights are precisely what you’d think; weights you strap onto your ankles. What makes this set a bit special is how you can adjust how much you’re putting into them.

You start with 1.5 pounds on each leg. The set comes with four 0.5 pound additional weights you can easily slip into pockets in the material, two bars per anklet.

What Do Adjustable Ankle Weights Do For You?

The purpose of any wearable weight device is to increase the amount of effort your muscles commit to movement. Now, one and a half pounds may not sound like a lot until you actually start moving. After about 10 minutes or so, you definitely feel the difference in the workout.

If you want to add even more to the experience, that’s when you slip in the complementary weights that come with the product. Instead of 1.5 lbs per leg, you can max it out to 2.5. And yes, even this small addition makes a difference.

What Muscles Can You Target?

With the Gold’s Gym 5 lb Adjustable Ankle Weights, you can target abs and various leg muscles. This works to tone and strengthen by making your body commit more energy and power to adapt to the resistance.

For example, I strap these on and do lying leg raises. Because of the extra weight on my ankles, it takes my abs more effort to lift them. Based on personal experience, this has increased the effectiveness of the exercise by about 30%.

In reality, this means I feel the same level of strain after 10 reps with the ankle weights as I do at about 15 without. I know it’s not very scientific, but it’s how I feel overall.

Doing things like the lying leg raise or even a V-up will actually use the entire five pounds of added weight. This is because you’re lifting both legs simultaneously, which adds to the strain on your abs.

I’m sure I’ll do a personal case study to determine if the ankle weights increase calorie burn or not.

The product also comes with a workout poster showing you different exercises you can do with the weighted anklets. These exercises target your:

  • Thighs
  • Glutes
  • Abs

Does It Really Work?

Because of the nature of this product, it’s easy to say with a level of certainty that they work. In reality, it’s all about adding resistance to your movements.

The reason people use devices like ankle weights is to train their bodies to adapt to heavier loads. This helps build and tone muscle mass. It’s the same principle as lifting weights like dumbbells. [note]Men’s Journal –[/note]

The heavier the load becomes over time, the more muscle mass the body develops to compensate. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll bulk up, though. Toning muscle is more about creating internal density instead of overall mass.

Is it Realistic for the Average Joe?

Not everyone wants to look like a body builder. I know I would just be happy losing a bit of weight and toning up a few parts. This is what makes ankle weights and similar systems worthwhile.

I believe you shouldn’t just simply “lose weight.” Not having fat is one thing, but it’s the development of muscles in general that offers far more in terms of life.

Consider two very important aspects of toning muscle: a) increases endurance, and b) increases strength. These are two elements that impact your daily life whether you’re going grocery shopping or climbing a slight incline while camping.

Don’t think of it as trying to get on the cover of a firefighter calendar. Think of fitness as a way to vastly improve many, many aspects of your existence.

And although turning the heads of hotties might be a goal for many, it doesn’t have to be your primary factor for getting in shape.

Using something like ankle weights just makes the process more intense and helps create a stronger you regardless if you weigh 180 or 480 pounds.

What are It’s Noticeable Features?

Ankle Weights

The soft neoprene materials used to make the product are quite comfortable. I find myself wearing these for several hours throughout the day without really putting much thought into it. Plus, it makes walking a bit adventurous.

The only drawback to wearing these ankle weights is positioning of the weight itself. If you rest the adjustable weight on your ankle, it can get uncomfortable. This is easy to fix as you simply rotate the weight off your ankle.

The pockets for the weights use a flap system to keep them secure. Although it’s a bit tight at first to get the weights into the pocket, the anklets do a great job keeping them in place. I don’t have to worry about a 0.5 pound chunk of iron flying out and smashing into the TV or anything.

It’s too early to tell if these will fall apart quickly. Then again, I used my Gold’s Gym weighted gloves for the longest time and they’re still in usable condition – if not super stained with sweat. The brand is pretty good when it comes to quality material and construction.

Most noticeably, this set of ankle weights do exactly what you’d expect…enhance muscle development. Even playing the Xbox Kinect, I can feel the additional workload on my thighs when moving around.

I’m not one to stick with specific exercise routines. My workouts usually include a lot of Kinect play and house cleaning. Adding the extra weight made a massive impact in my upper body, so I am eager to find out if the ankle weights will do the same for my abs and legs.

Unfortunately, the Velcro attachment piece isn’t adjustable. It’s like Gold’s Gym tried to make a one-size-fits-all product. Although they fit my legs almost perfectly, they may be quite lose on a smaller person.

Where Can You Find It?

I was surprised with my set on Father’s Day from my daughters. They knew I wanted a set of Gold’s Gym ankle weights, and that’s what I got.

However, I know you can pick them up at Walmart for about $15 or so. Of course this also depends on where you live and where you go. I’m sure most fitness centers, including Gold’s Gym itself, may have equipment like this in stock.

They are also available on Amazon for around $19, depending on who is selling the ankle weights.

Would I Suggest Ankle Weights to Friends and Family?

So far, I’ve had a good experience using this piece of exercise equipment. I didn’t realize Gold’s Gym had 10 pound alternatives and may have to give those a try in the near future. But for now, let’s just tone up the muscles before pushing myself too hard.

Any wearable device to enhance a workout is ideal. As a result, I suggest everyone should at least try them out and determine if it’s something worthwhile. Personally, I rather like the extra effort to work muscles.

If you have the extra $20 on hand, I suggest picking up your own and improve your workouts.[template id=”3591″]

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