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Gymenist Weighted Gloves
03 Jun

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Want to get more out of your workouts? Using gloves with weights in them will easily amplify your exercises for both calorie burn and muscle toning. The Gymenist 2lb weighted gloves are just another great example of doing this.

And I was surprised by how well they performed considering the cost is quite similar to the Fila weighted gloves, which fell apart after a short time of use.

What are Gymenist 2lb Weighted Gloves?

The Gymenist pair of 2lb weighted gloves are just as they sound: gloves with 2lbs of weight within them. They fit over your hand while using a velcro strap to hold them onto your fists.

The gloves are made with neoprene material and are quite comfortable to wear while doing workouts or playing the Xbox Kinect.

Each glove is set for 2lbs total, which is a step up from the last pair I wore. Instead of a single pound per hand, the Gymenist weighted gloves have 2lbs each.

And I can say from personal experience, the extra one pound of weight definitely makes a world of difference.

What Does the Gymenist Pair 2lb Weighted Gloves Do For You?

By adding extra weight to each hand, your body needs to adapt to the additional resistance when moving. This means you are using more energy in the muscles to keep yourself in motion.

This extra energy results in a higher calorie burn and toning various muscle groups depending on your activity. Especially if you put in the effort to match your normal activity while wearing the set.

Speaking from experience, I know I work up more of a sweat in a shorter amount of time while wearing additional weights on my hands and wrists. And this pair of Gymenist gloves fit perfectly with my workout equipment.

What Muscles Can You Target?

While wearing the weighted gloves, the amount of work that goes into specific muscle groups depends on the activity. Anything connected to arm movement and stability has the potential to be affected.

For example, I can feel the burn in my shoulders, triceps, upper back, chest and traps while playing Virtual Smash with these weighted gloves on my hands. This is due to the twisting and punching movements while playing.

While playing Kinect Tennis, I can feel the work in my biceps given the types of movements I make while playing the game. It’s kind of like a mix between a jumping jack and a stomach crunch if I was standing.

Regardless, adding the Gymenist weighted gloves will impact your workout in one way or another. It all just depends on what kind of movements you make while exercising.

Do the Weighted Gloves Really Work?

Wearing Gymenist Gloves

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s all about movement. In the same way dumbells and barbells work, weighted gloves add a similar resistance to muscle mass. The more often you wear them, the faster and stronger your body becomes to adapt to the extra weight.

Now it’s unlikely that you’ll bulk up like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson when using the Gymenist 2lb weighted gloves. However, it will help tone and densify muscle mass. In reality, it’s more about definition and solid muscle.

Is it Realistic for the Average Joe?

Some equipment out there on the market just doesn’t seem to be helpful for the average person. Whether it’s expensive equipment you’ll never use, DVDs which do nothing but collect dust or personal trainers who make you cry, some things just aren’t ideal for the average Joe.

However, something as small as these weighted gloves are easy to put on and will immediately begin working your body. Even if it’s something as simple as sweeping your kitchen floor, the additional weight of the gloves will make a difference.

And since they are inexpensive, you don’t have to worry about taking out a second mortgage to get a decent workout.

What are the Gymenist’s Gloves Most Noticeable Features?

Gymenist Gloves And Case

OK, so let’s take a look at some of the things that make up the Gymenist weighted gloves. Keep in mind, these are all based on my personal use. You may have a different experience depending on your specific physiology.

Because let’s face it, everyone is different.

Comfortable to Wear

I’ve used several wearable weights over the years, and I have to say this pair of gloves is one of the more comfortable I’ve used. They fit snuggly over my hand, and the neoprene material is ultra soft while I work out.

Fits Nicely Over My Hands

Aside from being comfortable, the gloves themselves fit nicely over my hands. However, they do start to rub the back of my hands depending on the game I play.

For example, my last pair of gloves wore the skin off my hands while playing Virtual Smash. This was due to the punching motion moving the gloves back and forth across my skin.

While the Gymenist gloves do move about a bit, it hasn’t been enough to rub the skin off. It’s more of a slight discomfort when playing punching-based games.

Comes with a Handy Carrying Case

The product comes with a handy, clear, plastic carrying case. There’s a small strap so it’s easy to carry. I can see how this might appeal to some if they travel back and forth to a gym or don’t want the gloves to get wet.

Personally, I’ll probably never use it simply because my weighted gloves are always in the same location: right next to the Xbox.

Some Stitching Separation

Stitch Separation
After 6 to 7 months of heavy use.

While the gloves seem to have a solid construction, I did notice a bit of separation in the stitching after a month of daily use. Of course, I put weighted gloves through a lot of torture. Still, I was a bit disappointed.

However, they have yet to come apart…and it’s been about six months since I bought them. Which already makes them superior to the Fila gloves I used in the past.

Where Can You Buy the Gymenist’s Weight Gloves?

You can find this product at Walmart, and currently you can pick them up for about $14. You can also find them on Amazon in weighted gloves for around the $13 mark.

When considering the increase of your workouts, a pair of weighted gloves under $10 isn’t really all that bad.

I’m not sure if they are available at fitness locations.

Would I Suggest the Product to Friends and Family?

Given the benefits the Gymenist 2lb weighted gloves have delivered to me personally, I would easily recommend them to anyone wanting to work up a sweat. The product is of decent quality and so far has resisted the ravages of time and Kinect gameplay.

My only disappointment so far is the slight separation of the fabric. Then again, it’s lasted far longer than other products I’ve used. For one thing, I haven’t needed to sew up the gloves like I had to do with the Fila set.

The Gymenist weighted gloves are a good product to amplify your workout.[template id=”3591″]

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