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Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle
07 Sep

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Healthy snacking is always a great interest to me. Especially since I sometimes have cravings late at night. I decided to give the Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites a try, and I’m somewhat on the fence about whether I like them.

It’s perhaps one of the healthier snacks I’ve had in quite some time, but it has a bit of an acquired taste.

What are Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites?

Lärabar is well-known for its wholesome foods. This is just another example of the company’s dedication to quality content.

The product has a strong mint taste and a fair amount of chocolate. Loaded with natural ingredients, these small truffle bites are decent when it comes to health value as opposed to branded candies.

In fact, you can easily read the list of ingredients without having a medical degree. It’s all good if your kids can pronounce them.

Why Should You Want Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites?

This product is great for snacking on the go or just when you’re lounging around the house. It does an OK job at satisfying my sweet tooth, even though the overall taste is a bit weird to me.

Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites are made with dates. This is perhaps to help keep the balls in their shape without falling apart. Perhaps this is why I find the taste to be a bit odd.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not nasty or horrible. I’m just not accustomed to mixing dates with mint flavors.

Maybe it’s just the company’s habit of mixing some kind of fruit in with their products.

What Kind of Health Benefits Are In It?

The first thing that caught my eye about this product is the calories per serving. At 130, you can a decent amount of sweetness without over indulging on sugar. While it does a have a few more carbs than I like in such a small snack, it’s not overly bad.

Somewhat Balanced Nutrition

Between the chocolate content, almonds and dates, the Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites have a bit of iron, protein and potassium to them. Although there are healthier alternatives on the market, this product gives you some of what you need without various preservatives or GMOs.

No Cholesterol

If you’re watching your cholesterol, these are probably the perfect snack. As there is 0mg per serving, you can rest easy knowing you’re not contributing to various health problems.

No Sodium

Those watching sodium intake can benefit from the same thing, 0mg. Of course, you don’t see a lot of snacks like this heavy with salt. But, the Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites are good for those who need less sodium in their diet.

Somewhat Expensive

Lärabar Serving

My biggest complaint with this product is the overall price. It’s nearly $1 per serving of four small chocolate balls. I don’t know if this snack is that good. After all, I could get a peach for far less with half of the calories and twice the nutrition.

But then again, I wouldn’t have the chocolate and mint flavors.

Good Dietary Fiber

The snacks themselves are high in dietary fibers, which is good for your body. Each serving provides about 10% of what you should get in a day, as per a 2,000 calorie diet.

That’s probably the dates…which often work to help those with bowel issues.

Decent Chocolate and Mint Flavor

One thing you have to worry about when it comes to diet and chocolates is the cardboard flavor most “healthy” products have. That isn’t the case in the Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites.

It has a decent chocolate and mint flavor that stands out.

It’s the dates that kind of throw it for me, but not too bad that I won’t eventually finish this bag.

Gluten Free

In an age where gluten is the enemy, the package of this product clearly states how it is “gluten-free.” Then again, I’m not sure what kind of gluten would be put into a product such as this.

I’m just waiting for manufacturers to start labeling bottled water as gluten-free.

But if you’re worried about such things, and some people are allergic, at least you know the Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites won’t upset your internal balance.

Will It Work to Help Lose Weight?

Nutrition Info

If you feel like snacking on some chocolate and like mint flavored goods, this is a good snack to try. As long as you can keep yourself to 4 “bites,” it can work to keep yourself from packing on the weight.

As I monitor everything through MyFitnessPal, it’s easy to see where the Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites come into play. And to be honest, I don’t feel entirely satisfied after eating just four of these.

This is where you test willpower. It’s incredibly easy to sit down and eat the entire package of 20 bites without realizing.

As long as you can eat them in moderation, they could probably benefit any diet plan that allows such indulgences.

Where Can You Get It?

I decided to try this product because it was on sale at my local Safeway for 75% off. Originally, these are about $5 or so per bag of 20 bites. And realistically, it’s a bit more expensive than what I normally like.

For the same price, I can get some tasty, healthy ice cream bars that are far higher on taste and enjoyment. There simply wasn’t anything impressive about these snacks outside of not tasting like cardboard.

You can also pick them up from Amazon for about $4.43 per bag if you buy six at a time in bulk.

What’s the Bottom Line?

When all is said and done, the Lärabar Mint Chocolate Truffle Bites really don’t do much for me in terms of enjoyment. They’re not terrible, but the general price makes it something I wouldn’t buy all the time.

It’s a unique tasting product that doesn’t really impress me much. In fact, I highly doubt I will buy these again. However, I do think they have a value as a healthy way to snack.

I’ve had a few Lärabar snacks in the past that were pretty good. Unfortunately, this one just doesn’t seem to stack up in comparison.[template id=”3591″]

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