Review: How Does the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk Bar Fare?

Quest Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bars
10 Sep

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One of my favorite diet food makers is Quest. They provide a lot of value and taste to just about everything they make. Today, I’ll be looking at the Double Chocolate Chunk bar Quest currently has on the market. And I can tell you, it’s definitely among my favorites.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve had a Quest product that I didn’t like so far.

Whether you need something for going to the gym or want a keto-friendly snack, this Quest bar has you covered. Well, as long as you appreciate chocolate.

What is the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk Bar?

The Quest Double Chocolate Chunk snack is a thick protein bar that is tailored to a variety of diet plans, including keto. It’s packed with a huge amount of protein while offering fewer carbs than many alternatives.

The bar itself is chocolate with huge chunks heavily sprinkled within, hence the name.

For those who are interested in adding more dietary fiber in their day, a single bar provides 50% of your daily allotment, as based on a 2,000 calorie diet. This is one of the reasons why it’s perfect for keto diets and others focusing on low-carb intake.

What Can You Expect from the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk Bar?

Double Chocolate Chunk Bar

As I’ve had Quest products before, I was almost certain I was going to like this bar. As I said, I have yet to come across something I didn’t like from Quest.

So, what can you expect from this diet-friendly snack?

Decent Chocolate Taste

One of the things that stands out most to me in this protein bar is the overall chocolate taste. I’ve had plenty of diet-based snacks claiming a “chocolate” taste, but wind up leaving more of a waxing feeling or chemical-ish taste in my mouth.

It seems many companies have a hard time nailing a good chocolate taste without using sugar. But, the Double Chocolate Chunk bar from Quest does an incredible job.

This includes the “chunks” themselves, which have a great taste as well. So, all around, I’d say this is among some of the better chocolate alternatives.

4g of Net Carbs

Speaking of carbs, the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk bar only has 4g of net carbs, if you’re keeping track. This means it fits great with the keto diet, as the dietary fiber makes up 14g and erythritol sugar alcohol making up another 6g.

As I’ve been trying to maintain a good keto diet, this protein bar helps keep the net carbs down while allowing me to satisfy chocolate cravings. Of which I have many.

Compared to other “keto” snacks I’ve bought recently, it is hands-down one of the better alternatives. But, it’s also a bit more expensive than some of the things I bought recently, which I’ll cover in a moment.

20g of Protein in the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk

Whether you’re on keto or wanting something to boost your weight-lifting routine, this snack comes loaded with 20g of protein. Then again, most chocolate products have a higher degree of protein and iron, especially when you use dark chocolate.

In reality, this bar is just 10g lower in protein than my maxpro Elite that I use for shakes every morning.

So far in my quest to build muscle mass, the protein has made a bit of a difference in my development. Adding something like this to my post-workout snacks may prove beneficial.

A Bit Expensive, Like Most Health Foods

I view everything I eat with a price tag. I believe snacks shouldn’t cost more than actual meals. In this case, the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk bars are a bit on the high side. Especially if you buy them from your local grocery store.

The box I bought recently from Walmart came out to well over $2 per bar. Now for many people, this probably isn’t all that expensive. But when you don’t really have the extra cash just for snacking, it can ding the wallet a bit.

Luckily, you can pick the Quest protein bars up for a bit cheaper by buying them in bulk boxes on Amazon. Instead of nearly $9 for a box of 4 from Walmart, you can get 12 for just over $23.

Good Calories for What You Get

The total calories for the product sit at about 180. When compared to other snacks, like the Quest Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie, it’s a bit more reasonable. And, they both cost pretty close to the same at checkout.

But considering the overall taste, the amount of protein, and the net carbs, you get quite a bit of bang for your buck. I would think something with a good chocolate taste would be much higher on the calorie count.

Still, it’s even lower than some of the trail mix and keto crackers I have in the kitchen.

A Thick and Dense Bar

A Dense Treat

Like many other protein bars on the market, this one is incredibly dense to bite into. If it’s cold, you’ll be gnawing on it for a while.

For the sheer size of the bar, it’s densely packed. But, kind of in a good way. The denser the food, the more fulfilled you’ll feel afterward. Usually, anyway.

But I can say that I didn’t feel the least bit snacky after having one of these bars. Then again, that’s a common theme with Quest: stomach-filling snacks without the hefty calories or carbs.

Overall Satisfying Snack for Keto or Other Diet Plans

Being on keto, or at least a variation of, has been rough. And finding tasty snacks has been somewhat difficult. What can I say, I love sugar!

The Double Chocolate Chunk protein bar from Quest makes the process worthwhile. I am satisfied with the taste and how it makes me feel afterward. Meaning, I don’t feel like I need to raid the kitchen for something more.

Of course, most Quest products have been this beneficial for me in the grand scheme of things. Still, it’s nice not needing to feel like I have to do a midnight run on the fridge.

Where Can You Get These Bars?

I picked up this first box from Walmart. But, I’m sure they’re also available at other grocery stores. In fact, I’ve seen these very bars at the local Max Muscle fitness store.

With its nutritional value and surprisingly good taste, the company is fairly popular among health and fitness experts.

Give the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk Bar a Try!

And when you think about it, $2 per bar is really not all that much for what you get. Especially if it keeps you from feeling like you need something else in addition to the snack.

Will I Keep Buying the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk Bar?

Even when I am done with this whole keto diet experiment, I’ll probably still have a box of these in the kitchen. For one thing, I love chocolate, and Quest does a pretty good job at triggering that part of my needs and wants.

Secondly, I like the overall protein count of the bar, especially since I plan on continuing to lift weights at the gym. I don’t need to look like Thor, but I would like to have a bit more than what I have now.

The bottom line is that this is among my favorites for snacking, especially when out and about. Then again, I’ll probably have several different Quest products laying around.

If you like chocolate, or even just like the Quest brand, the Double Chocolate Chunk protein bar is a great alternative.

Did I mention that I really like the taste?

Definitely Something I Enjoy

I’m constantly looking for healthier alternatives to some of my favorite snacks. And so far, Quest has done a great job in satisfying a lot of my cravings, especially with the Double Chocolate Chunk snack.

Now, if they only made a healthy version of any kind of pasta dish, I’d be a happy camper. Perhaps a Quest Penne Arrabriata. As long as it’s not made with hearts of palm.

Or, maybe even a thick frosting that doesn’t taste like licking wax paper.

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