Review: Spri 2lb Pair Wrist Weights with Thumb Lock

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Looking to add more to your workout? The Spri 2lb pair wrist weights gave me quite a surprise and are easily among my favorite pieces of workout equipment. They turned a regular workout into a sweat-inducing experience!

Of course this also depends on how you use them whether they will have the same impact for you. At any rate, the additional weight will enhance your activity.

What are the Spri 2lb Pair Wrist Weights?

This weight set consists of two weighted bands that strap to each wrist. This adds two pounds to each hand, which may not sound like a lot. That is, until you try to exercise with them on.

The thumb-lock feature is essentially a fitted hole you slide your thumb through. This helps keep the bands from slipping while you’re moving about.

The Spri 2lb pair wrist weights are made with a no-slide fabric which is soft and comfortable to wear. In fact, I found them far superior in terms of comfort when compared to the Fila weighted gloves I own.

What Does the Spri 2lb Pair Wrist Weights Do For You?

By adding weight to your limbs, you increase the workout. You burn more calories while putting additional strain on various muscle groups.

This means you wind up toning and defining muscles.

Not only that, but I found my movements to be faster without them on after wearing the weights for an extended period of time. It’s all about resistance, stamina and strength conditioning.

What Muscles Can You Target?

The muscle groups you can target with the Spri 2lb pair wrist weights depends on the exercise, really. However, I found my shoulders, back, biceps and triceps are activated through every activity I perform.

And when playing Virtual Smash on the Xbox Kinect, I also felt the burn in my chest, abs and obliques.

Does It Really Work?

After the first day of strapping this set onto my wrists, I felt the impact…especially in my shoulders and upper back. And after using them since Christmas, there is a noticeable difference in my arms as well.

I work up into a sweat far sooner than if I exercised without them. In fact, trying to play the same number of rounds in Virtual Smash while wearing the Spri 2lb pair wrist weights all but wipes me out.

Last time I played, I was nearly too tired to lift my arms.

Is it Realistic for the Average Joe?

If you’re not used to wearing weighted gloves or wrist bands, adding these to your routine might put you through the wringer. Like I said, I felt the burn the next day after only wearing them for 30 minutes.

And this is coming from someone who loves wearing weighted gloves.

However, the pain subsided after about the third day of wearing the wrist bands. If you want to vastly improve your workout, the Spri 2lb pair wrist weights are worth exploring.

What are It’s Noticeable Features?

Spri Wrist Weights

This product offers more than merely adding extra weight to your workout. While the increase calorie burn is worth the cost, the Spri 2lb pair wrist weights have a bit more to offer.

This product has several key features that I simply love:

Thumb-Lock Design

First of all, the weights don’t simply rest on your wrist. They come with a thumb hole that helps keep the wrist bands in place. Once you attach the Velcro, they remain in position quite nicely.

For myself, this is especially useful as I perform a lot of rapid movements such as punching while playing the Xbox Kinect. The last thing I need is for the unit to slide off and smash the TV.

Of course, I don’t have to worry about it with these weights.

No-Slide Fabric

In addition to having the thumb hole, the fabric is made with a no-slide design in mind. This prevents chaffing and slipping during intense workouts.

However, I’ve found the wrist weights to slide slightly if I work up an extraordinary amount of sweat. I combat this by tightening the Velcro a little more. Luckily, the Spri 2lb pair wrist weights are comfortable to wear.

I don’t have to cut off circulation to make sure they stay put.

Great Durability

As opposed to some of the other wearable weights I’ve used in the past, this product seems to have decent durability. They have yet to fray after the immense amount of work I’ve put them through.

I’ve used them nearly every day for the past two months, and the only sign of real wear-and-tear is how the “SPRI” lettering has worn off. Aside from that, they are in excellent condition still.

Though, I do need to clean them.

Comfortable to Wear

Me with Wrist and Glove WeightsOne of the biggest factors to any wearable weight is its comfort. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to wear the unit for very long. This product feels great when worn.

I even combined them with the Fila weighted gloves I have and still the comfort level was exceptional. Well, aside from the extra weight on my muscles.

Still, the two products fit well together and are very comfortable during a 30-minute blast playing Virtual Smash on the Xbox.

Where Can You Find It?

I received this product as a Christmas present. However, you can pick them up from Walmart for around $10.

You can also find the Spri 2lb pair wrist weights on Amazon. However, I found the price higher at around $15 for the same product. Which is odd considering how you can normally find things cheaper on Amazon.

While I haven’t checked actually fitness supply stores, I don’t see why this product wouldn’t be available in such locations.

Would I Suggest It to Friends and Family?

Out of all the pieces of home fitness equipment I have available, the Spri 2lb pair wrist weights might be among my favorite. The workout is far more intense and I break out into a sweat far sooner than without.

With the added bonus of being comfortable to wear, I would suggest the product to anyone looking to add more to exercising. I’ve noticed a considerable increase to strength in my shoulders, chest and back in general after playing my games.[template id=”3591″]

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