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Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java
04 Jun

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One of my favorite products to help me lose weight and steer clear of pop is the Mio water enhancer. Last week, I think I found a new favorite of Kraft’s popular additive: the Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java. For those who like coffee, such as myself, you might want to give this one a try. Personally, I think it tastes a lot like Starbucks frappuccinos you find at the grocery store. Since I am quite addicted to those drinks, this is a nice alternative while giving me a little bit of a pep in my mornings.

What Is Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java?

The iced mocha java product infuses a bit of caffeine as well as some of the B-complex vitamins which promote energy development in the body. Just a quick squirt into a cup of cold water or milk and vwalla…instant frappe. According to the label, there are 10 servings per bottle. Since I paid $3.48 for this little guy at Walmart, it’s a cost-efficient solution if you don’t want to pay Starbucks prices.

Why Should You Want It?

A lot of people don’t drink enough water because they want something that has taste. This is why I started using water enhancers in the first place. Since Mio products are usually 0 calories per squirt, I find them to be a tasty way to get more out of my drink. However, the Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java also includes a bit of caffeine to get the blood moving. Since I’ve been using these, I find them to be as useful as a cup of coffee.

The Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java is already sweetened, so there’s no real reason to include sugar or Splenda. It takes mere seconds to make and is one of the few Mio products that can enhance milk as well as water. However, adding milk will increase the calorie intake if you’re watching such things. For instance:

  • Iced Mocha 8oz water = 15 calories
  • Iced Mocha 8oz milk = 135 calories, depending on the milk

What Kind of Health Benefits Are In Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java?

The iced mocha java additive isn’t necessarily designed to be a dietary supplement. However, the development of the product does offer some value when you’re trying to lose weight. This product is made a little bit differently than the other Mio drink additives on the market. For example, there is 1g of sugar per serving as opposed to the 0g in other flavors.


  • Caffeine for those who like the extra pick-me-up in the morning
  • Lower calorie count as opposed to soda and many other drinks
  • Can be used in water or in milk
  • Tastes similar to other frappuccino products on the market
  • Contains 10% of your daily dose per serving for many B-complex vitamins which boosts energy production
  • 0g of fats
  • 0g of sodium


  • High calorie count when added to milk, but so does everything else
  • 1g of sugar, which is higher than other water enhancers
  • 4g of carbs, which isn’t bad unless you’re on a carb-reduced diet

Will It Work to Help Lose Weight?

The only real aspect of the Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java to help you lose weight is the B-complex vitamins and caffeine. These components are used by the body to convert carbs and fats into energy for the muscles. While you won’t instantly slim down when drinking this product, it does have potential to assist in weight loss – but only slightly. In reality, it’s moving from a 170-calorie can of soda pop to a 15-calorie water additive that will impact your health the most.

Where Can You Get It?

The Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java is sold in most grocery stores. I bought mine at Walmart for about $3.48 per bottle. While a lot of people might consider this expensive, keep in mind that pop from a machine is $0.50 – at least in our area. The $0.38 per caffeinated drink with B vitamins isn’t all that bad when compared to a 12oz can of Mountain Dew.

Out of all the things I use to increase my water intake, Mio products are some of my favorite. I currently have an affinity for the Acai Berry Storm as well. As for the Mio Energy Iced Mocha Java, I can see it being one of my staples. I just wish that milk didn’t have so many calories per cup. Otherwise, I am sure that I would drink this way too often.

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