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15 Mar

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With how much I boast about Progresso soups, you’d think I’d have an affiliation. In reality, I just appreciate good soup. One of my favorites is that of Creamy Tomato with Penne. Like most other tomato-based flavors, this can is loaded with good and bad. However, the bad can be manageable if you watch what you eat throughout the rest of the day.

What Is Creamy Tomato with Penne?

Progresso Creamy Tomato with Penne is a soup that consists of tomato products and penne noodles. Quite obvious, huh? It’s a decent sized can for what you pay and has a great deal more health value than something you could pick up at the drive-through window.

Why Should You Want It?

If you love tomato-based pasta dishes, then you’d more than likely enjoy this dish. It’s loaded with several vitamins that are pertinent for every day health and can be quite satisfying. It does have soy proteins, which a few people may be allergic to. It’s rare, but I thought I would throw it out there just in case you’re one of those few.

Like all Progresso soups, Creamy Tomato with Penne is an easy dish to throw into the microwave for a couple of seconds. Taking these with you to work can help you save money while giving you something tasty at lunch. Instead of $5 and the gas to go to McDonald’s, you could have a satisfying lunch for less than $3. For example, the can of Creamy Tomato with Penne and a single serving side of Pringles only costs approximately $1.75.

What Kind of Health Benefits Are In This Soup?

The primary ingredients of Creamy Tomato with Penne are tomato puree, chicken broth, tomatoes and penne rigate pasta. The tomatoes alone provide a great deal of vitamins and minerals. It also contains a small amount of spinach, bleached flour and whey protein concentrate. Due to the various components, including cream, this soup delivers calcium as well as a high level of vitamin D. Eating an entire can, which is technically two servings, gives you approximately 10% of your daily recommended value for protein.

  • Provides various vitamins and minerals to promote health including bone maintenance and muscular energy levels.
  • Inexpensive when considering fast-food alternatives
  • Lower in fat than things like a McDouble
  • Low cholesterol level
  • High in vegetable content per serving


  • Higher in calories than many other soups
  • Rich in sodium
  • Heavy in carbs

Will It Work to Help Lose Weight?

One of the biggest reasons why I love eating Progresso soups at lunch is because they keep me away from fast food while providing a good nutritional balance. Currently, I can pick up a can of Creamy Tomato with Penne for $1.50 at the local Walmart as opposed to the $2.00 McDouble at McDonalds. It also has less calories, fats and sodium in comparison. As long as you maintain a single can for lunch, it could be a healthy way to spend your money.

If you’re adding weight training into losing weight, the carbs can be easily converted into energy. This is also true if you perform daily workout routines. Carbs are not necessarily bad as the body will use them to fuel your muscles. It’s when you consume a lot of carbs without having sufficient activity when they can turn into fat stores.

Where Can You Get Progresso Soups?

Progresso Creamy Tomato with Penne can be bought at nearly any grocery store. Even Family Dollar may have a few cans, but their selection is usually quite limited. Even though I despise Walmart, it’s the only place I can go to get the flavors I enjoy. I would rather go to Safeway, but the closest one is a 45 minute drive.

Progresso soups in general are some of the best ways to spend your lunch money. Although most of them are heavy in sodium, this is manageable as long as you pay attention to what you eat throughout the rest of the day. Including a large amount of water can also help offset some of the sodium you take in, especially if you use products like Emerge as a diuretic. If you enjoy tomatoes and pasta, this may be one of the better soups you could get from the popular brand.

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