Runkeeper May 2016 5K Walk

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29 May

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So, we just finished our 5K walk for Runkeeper. Most others ran or jogged, but we’re just not in good enough shape to do that yet. Which is why we walked it instead. You see, you don’t have to be in amazing shape to participate in events such as this. In fact, it would be greatly beneficial if you included things like walk-a-thons and running events even if you’re the last person to cross the finish line.

Why Do I Participate in the 5K Walk?

Participating in events like these can be greatly beneficial when you’re trying to get yourself back into shape. It’s more than just being the first to cross the finish line. It can affect a variety of things in your life.

We walked several laps around the park in our area, which wound up being closer to 3.4 miles. It’s a beautiful park with regular shaded areas along the path. It was hot, but not completely unwalkable. Thankfully, the trees offered a great reprieve as opposed to being out in the sunlight the entire time.

Even though we didn’t get as much training as I’d hoped, we still walked a few miles preparing us for this event. Although I am fit enough to walk it without killing myself, my wife needed a little bit of an extra jump early on. She’s not the healthiest person on the planet, but I’m very proud of the progress she has made in the last month alone. Anyway, training for the event helped us rack a few extra miles, burn a bunch of calories and gave us something to do as a couple.

Burning Calories
Enough though we walked far slower than I normally do, I still wound up burning more than 800 calories on this walk. To put this into perspective, that’s the equivalent of four chocolate cupcakes from Walmart. Needless to say, I am looking for something to eat now since I’ve burned almost twice what I’ve consumed – which often results in me passing out with a headache. In either case, events such as these can be incredibly beneficial for those who count calories such as myself.

General Fitness
Walking works out a wide range of muscles. Although the impact level is high for those who suffer from arthritis, it can be a great way to work out the legs and the heart. As long as we keep walking on a regular schedule, we could easily melt away the pounds while increasing stamina and strength through the lower areas of the body.

The Social Element
When you do things like the Runkeeper 5K walk or run, you are among many. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of people in our rural area to join us. However, I’ve seen large groups of people together for the specific event in other cities. It’s a great way to meet some new people who may be in a similar physical condition as yourself. Many of them might even be quite inspirational. No one scoffs at you if you’re out of shape. In fact, everyone is glad to see that you’re taking steps to improve your lifestyle.

Feeling of Accomplishment
There is nothing more satisfying than accomplishing a task you’ve never done before. The feeling of pride you develop within yourself can be a powerful motivator to continue virtually any objective. This is one of the biggest reasons why we take to the 5K walk. Although I didn’t achieve a distance or speed record, my wife did – and that’s all I cared about today. When I completed my first walk, I felt like a champion. It was a great feeling and inspired me to keep trying to do my best to invigorate my lifestyle.

How Did this 5K Walk Differ From the First One?

During my first 5K Walk, I managed to hurt myself fairly bad. I finished the 5K, but not before fracturing both feet. This time, I had better shoes, weighed 20 pounds less and walked at my wife’s pace – which is far slower than myself. I feel very good about the experience and am proud that my wife was able to walk the entire length. I feel that this was an excellent way to kick start my “Summer of Loss” and look forward to the next event.

Events such as a 5K walk can be an orderly way to get into shape among the chaos of your life. Between having set schedules, training and the feelings of accomplishment, there is more to the experience than bragging rights. Get involved more often and share your fitness with others. It can be an excellent way to spend a lazy afternoon.

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