Was Sick Yesterday, But Still Managed to Lose 1.2 Pounds!

Sick Days
31 Mar

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

I am trying my hardest to keep calories in the green and be more active as a desk jockey. But yesterday, things took a bit of a turn for the worse. Something I ate apparently didn’t agree with me, and I was quite nauseated throughout most of the day.

Anytime I stood up, my stomach felt queasy, and I spent most of the day sitting on the toilet.

Needless to say, it’s not an overly good start to the 12-week fitness challenge if I’m laid up from something I ate. Then again, I’m not really sure why I was getting nauseous. I didn’t eat anything I wouldn’t normally.

Still Lost More than a Pound in One Day!

In reality, I highly doubt that I lost more than a pound in fat over the span of 24 hours. Most likely, the weight loss was just my system cleaning itself out.

And boy, did it clean me out…

However, I did manage to eat fewer calories yesterday than I burned. So, there is that. Mostly because I just didn’t feel like getting up to grab things to snack on.

Now that my body has all but gotten rid of everything I’ve eaten over the past week, weight loss should be fairly close to calorie deficit. This means the data recorded in my spreadsheet for the 12-week challenge, which you can see by clicking it from the nav bar above, should be pretty close to accurate.

In reality, I probably lost more water weight than anything. Luckily, I kept myself hydrated throughout the day.

Making More Videos…Finally

With the exception of yesterday, I am trying to remember to record daily video updates. But yesterday, I was feeling in some pretty bad shape. I didn’t even do a #Short for WriterSanctuary.

I was having some bad times.

The good thing is that I’m feeling much better this morning and have already gone on a short walk around the backyard. That’s more than 2,000 steps with every break. So, I’m confident I will surpass my goal of burning 3,500 calories today.

This means I’ll get back to uploading quick phone videos, as long as I can remember to do so.

Quite a Bit Behind, Now

The hardest part about taking a day off is that it throws me out of whack for the entire week. Because I missed yesterday, I have to work this Easter weekend to make up for the deficit.

That’s OK, though. I can still do the family stuff and manage to eke out a bit of work in between functions. It’s not like I have a lot of family or traveling to do. And since my teens all have their own things going on, I’m left pretty much alone most of the day.

Besides, I don’t really call what I do “work” as I immensely enjoy my job.

Rebuilding My Body through the Xbox Kinect

I haven’t been able to play the Xbox much this week. But on Friday, I realized just how out of shape I am in compared to where I was two years ago.

My muscles were pretty sore after playing tennis while wearing the wrist weights.

That’s one of the biggest downers I come across, actually. Thinking I can do what I used to do after such a long hiatus. My body is reminding me that I was slacking and that I need to work back up to where I was.

And, I am.

I can recognize when I am about to crash and will be done playing before that happens. I’m disappointed that I lost so much momentum, but I am confident I’ll get it back over the next couple of weeks.

That is as long as my gut will let me without yacking all over the living room floor.

Off to Work I Go

So, there we go. I just want to give you an update as to how things are going. So far, I’m on track to be at my goal weight in just under three months. I wish I would have started this sooner, but it is what it is.

No matter how I slice it, though, I’m still going to look better on my birthday than I have my entire life. It’ll be a nice 45th birthday present to myself.

I better wrap this up so I can get back to work. So far, everything is working nicely. Well, with the exception of yesterday, anyway.

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