Why Six-Pack Ab Workouts Don’t Work

Six-Pack Ab Workouts
12 Apr

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Whether you’re searching through Google or seeing advertisements on TV, it seems everyone has the “best” method for six-pack ab workouts. Unfortunately, not all of them work. Not because they are failed products or procedures, but because of several personal factors. The biggest impact to why these kinds of platforms don’t work is the individual. Not everyone will have the same experience with exercise routines or fitness products.

Six-pack Ab Workouts and You

A lot of people would love to tear their shirts off to reveal a washboard stomach. Right now, it’d look more like revealing a small beach ball covered in sand if I was to rip off my shirt. Many people will quickly fail at creating this image.

Personal Physique
Not everyone develops in the same way. Exercises that may be perfect for one person may not be beneficial for another. This can be caused by various personal components ranging from injuries to actual muscle development. If you want six-pack ab workouts to succeed, you need to find methods that are tailored to help you on an individual level. For example, I love doing planks to develop my core. But what if you have a shoulder problem or are unable to use your feet for balance? This is why you need to look for core work that is perfect for you.

Instant Gratification
Don’t be fooled by the quick-fix or “instant” results that products and professionals add to their products or routines. To truly get a tight and ripped stomach, it’s going to take some effort on your behalf. Even pill supplements advise to take them with regular exercise and proper dieting. Too many people are in love with the idea of instant gratification. When they look in the mirror after a few days and are disappointed, it directly affects their motivation to continue.

Motivation to Succeed
A lack of personal motivation is the greatest enemy when it comes to fitness and exercise. Although you might hit the six-pack ab workouts with a fierce determination, you could quickly become bored or start putting off the exercise for a later date. It’s the drive to succeed that needs to be maintained if you want to bounce a bowling ball off your gut.

Monotony and Boredom
Some exercises and products can seem monotonous after a while. I know a lot of people who have workout DVDs that are just collecting dust. One of the biggest failings to six-pack ab workouts is the sense of doing the same thing day-after-day. Now, some people can remain focused to continue these workouts over long periods of time. I know my limits and doing the same thing every day is going to begin seeming more like a chore. This is why I try to mix up my fitness routines.

Food Intake
A lot of people will fail with ab workout plans because of the way they eat. You can burn 300 calories doing an intense workout, but eating 400 calories more in donuts isn’t going to be conducive to your goal. Your diet will have a profound impact in how you develop physically. It won’t matter how many ab muscle workouts you do if you eat poorly. Choosing a healthier way to dine will help define those muscles and reduce the amount of fat covering them.

Ways to Remain Focused on Six-Pack Ab Workouts

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of these exercise routines and products for six-pack abs can be greatly beneficial. As long as you can remain focused on the activity, you can get as ripped as you want. Here are a few ways you can keep your focus and avoid having the problems mentioned above.

Changing Routines
Don’t do the same thing every day. Try to mix it up a bit when focusing on your core muscles. This can help you avoid becoming bored. There are multitudes of exercises you can do that will affect your abdominal muscles. Choose those that can improve your physique while reducing the risks of feeling like your spinning your wheels.

Set Workout Goals
I have goals set for just about any exercise I do. Using sites such as Exercise.com helps me with this part as it will track my personal records. It gives you a visualization of your accomplishments. So, even though your stomach doesn’t look the way you’d want, you’d still have the feeling of success because you surpassed your own personal bests.

Avoid Being Discouraged
If you’re overweight like I am, it can be easy to feel discouraged when you work hard for two weeks but don’t see any change in the mirror. Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. Even if the scale hasn’t moved much, your measurements could have. I was feeling bummed out once until my wife pointed out that my arms shrunk by an inch and a half. This is because the fat was being burnt away to make room for muscle mass. You need to realize that any physical activity is going to be beneficial whether you see it yourself or not.

Find What Motivates You
I cannot stress this point enough. Personal motivation impacts every aspect of your life. Find what motivates you to continue those six-pack ab workouts. For me, it’s the superhero complex I have. I want to be a Marvel hero for Halloween without using foam muscle padding. My ultimate goal is to have latex paint over my real muscles and go as Venom. Find what drives you to want to be fit and maintain that focus.

How Long Will it Take to Get Six-Pack Abs?

That is completely up to you. Between your daily physical activity and the kinds of foods you eat, this could greatly affect when you’ll drool over yourself in the mirror. Don’t assume you’ll look like those models on TV or in Internet ads inside of a week. There are simply too many variables to consider before determining if and when you’ll have a stomach that can deflect bullets.

Six-pack ab workouts do have potential to be helpful, but it will be determined by your own mentality towards fitness. Just remember that even after a month of intense training and you don’t see any difference in your stomach development, muscles will be apparent under the remaining levels of fat. You probably have a six-pack already and don’t even know it.

What kinds of core exercises do you like to do the most? What is your ultimate goal for getting six-pack abs?

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