Sleep Has Made a Massive Difference in Motivation in Everything!

Motivation Through Sleep
02 Aug

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I’ve been trying to do what I can to get more sleep throughout the night. Mainly, making sure I can get to bed at a reasonable time. And I can say that getting more sleep has made quite a difference in motivation levels in my daily routine. Though, I kind of already knew this would be the case.

A lot of people take it for granted, but sleep can affect a lot of aspects in your life. Everything from motivation to how you handle stress is impacted by how much rest you get at night.

And although it’s still a work in progress, I’m going to take advantage of everything I can get.

How Sleep Has Affected My Motivation Thus Far

I suppose it actually started with the day I was able to keep my calories in the green in MyFitnessPal. That night, I decided to have some Sleeptime Tea as I know it usually helps me get a better night’s rest.

The difference in just one day of actually sleeping started an incredible ball rolling with intense momentum. What will happen if I actually slept consistently for longer than a week?

Greater Clarity of Thought and Memory

First of all, I find it far easier to maintain a clear pattern of thought. And, I’m remembering a lot of the small things that I tend to forget in my day-to-day routines. Ever since last week, I’ve retained a lot more and can deal easier with stressful moments.

Now, does this mean that a good amount of sleep will give me a photographic memory? It’s highly doubtful. But, sleep is improving my levels of motivation by keeping me mindful of the things I want to do in the day.

And given the fact that I have so much to do anyway, I’m going to take advantage of everything I can get. Who knows, this may be just a temporary thing.

I’m not trying to sound negative. However, past experiences have taught me to hope for the best, but expect the worst. It’s better to be prepared for what might eventually happen.

Being Motivated to Break Productivity Records

The morning I woke up after having my tea, I found myself about 7700 words from breaking this year’s productivity record for a single month. Previously, this record was set in January, and I haven’t come close since.

With 7700 words to go and one day to write, I found myself with the motivation to drive forward after a good night of sleep.

In fact, I’ve been planning out all kinds of blog posts and videos for all of my brands with a ferocity I haven’t had in quite a few years. Then again, this could all be part of being manic bipolar.

During a manic episode, I am full of energy and exceptionally hyperactive. Though I haven’t had one in several months, it’s still something I need to consider for the next few days.

Then again, I could just be refreshed and ready to rock everything!

Putting More Thought Into Fitness

Since getting enough sleep, I found a lot of motivation towards my overall fitness. This includes everything from workouts to sticking with my Net 600 Diet plan. And so far, the results have been nothing short of awesome.

At this very moment, I have no doubt that I’ll hit my goal weight and physique for the photoshoot in October. But, I’m also a realist and know myself quite well. In order to do these things, I need to keep up with the routine that seems to be working.

Still, I am quite enjoying where I’m going in terms of health and fitness. I have a bit of work to do, yet, but things are piecing together incredibly well.

I’m also finding the motivation to break a lot of personal records over the next couple of months. This includes crushing my record for push-ups that I’ve been working on.

Getting Excited About the Future Again

A major change in the last few days is how excited I’ve become about the future again. Instead of just doing the bare minimum, stressing out, and sitting while blankly staring at the computer screen, I’m far more energized and looking forward to what’s next.

And I’m not just talking about it from the perspective of health and fitness, either. Although those are incredibly valuable to me at the moment, my motivation levels thanks to sleep are spearheading my drive to boost content and expand my creativity.

There were days when I felt like throwing in the towel as I was feeling overwhelmed. It’s part of why I haven’t done much for the other blogs or create videos recently.

Today, though, I’m ready to tackle all kinds of stuff. Looking back, I feel as though my exhaustion was making the stress 10 times worse than it actually was.

What Will I Do Without the Hotel?

Part of getting more sleep lately has been in part thanks to being at the hotel in Utah. My bed here is so freakin’ hard that it’s difficult to get comfortable on any level. And I even have a fluffy topper.

So, I will have to do some things here at the house to ensure I get enough sleep to keep my motivation levels high.

Drinking More Sleepytime Tea

I know the effect that Sleepytime Tea has on me. I wind down quicker at night and can usually stay unconscious until morning. My problem was remembering to make the tea before it got too late.

Because it will put me down, and I still need to get up at 6:00 am to start my day.

Get Some Sleepytime Tea for Cheap!

At any rate, I’m hoping that I can consistently remember to drink my tea, especially on nights when I live stream. Though, drinking alcohol during the streams does seem to help me sleep at night as well.

But like my friend Sam says, “Alcohol is not a very good sleep aid.”

Getting to Bed at a Reasonable Time

I often dread going to bed. It’s not comfy in the slightest and is probably why I force myself to stay up as long as I do. Still, putting myself down at a reasonable time means I can get a bit more sleep.

Even if it’s an uncomfortable rest, it may result in at least 20 additional minutes of shut-eye.

Anyway, I need to stop forcing myself to stay awake. Not only will sleep help with maintaining motivation, but it will also prevent me from snacking at midnight.

I once calculated that my late-night snacks tallied more than 2,000 calories. And most of it was sugar!

I bet I’ll lose weight incredibly quickly if I maintained a good routine for going to bed.

Making the Sleep More Comfortable

Until I buy a new bed, I need to make do with what I have. Instead of using a comforter, because it’s 90 degrees at night, I’ll fold it up and see if I can make my sleeping space more comfortable.

I also have a couple of body pillows I can toss in to give the area more of a cushion.

It’s amazing how clearly you can think after sleeping well for a few nights. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this sooner. It sucks when your mind is in a haze for an extended period of time.

Regardless of how I do it, I need to make the bed more comfortable.

Memory foam, my ass.

Reading for 30 Minutes…A Real Book

It’s well-known that electronics disrupt sleep patterns. Visual displays can keep the mind active reducing how relaxed you are to actually go to bed.

One thing I have a habit of doing is watching videos on my computer up until the moment I decide to sleep. This is probably one of the reasons why I toss and turn for about 30 minutes before actually slipping off into dreamland.

And I know that on the days when I read before laying down, I don’t toss and turn as much in the beginning. I have no idea what I do throughout the night, although the bed is all kinds of messed up.

So, I’ll try to get back into the habit of reading a real book before bed. One of the problems I have right now, though, is being able to read smaller print. I am in desperate need of new glasses, and trying to read words on a page is exceptionally difficult.

That is something I plan on remedying relatively soon, though. After all, I need to be able to read and write for my job.

Is a Lack of Sleep Ruining Your Motivation?

I knew that sleep deprivation would have a negative impact on motivation. But I really didn’t understand just how much it affected me until recently. After a single night of actual sleep, I found myself ready to take on my day.

Even more so than after having a cup of Emerge.

Now, can I guarantee your motivation will return after getting some consecutive good night’s sleep? No, in fact, no one can. Everyone is unique. However, I can tell you how it’s made a profound difference in my day.

Try finding ways to get more sleep and see if it helps you stay motivated. For me, I’m ready to tackle the world like a linebacker crushing a quarterback.


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