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11 Nov

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

This is the second week that I haven’t been able to use our video from YouTube for the podcast. Both times it’s been an issue centering around sound levels. At least it’s a different problem every time and I’m able to fix them.

First, Sam was way too loud on the recording. This time, it’s an odd echo that I think is being picked up by my microphone. If that’s true, then this Elgato Wave 3 is WAY more sensitive than I thought.

Sam was 140 miles away and she still got picked up by the mic. Though, I believe it has more to do with my headset.

Perhaps the biggest pain in the ass is that everything I do requires a different volume control and setting for both the software and the microphone input. This includes the gaming content, tutorials, live streams, and Twitch feed.

This weekend, I’m going to move the mic a bit and try a few things so that everything evolves around one freakin’ setting. Why can’t things just work?

Not to mention how Anchor hasn’t sent my email verification message yet. So, I wouldn’t be able to upload the podcast anyway.

Sigh…yeah, start a podcast, they said…

More Time to Plan a Better Show

One of the upsides to the last few failed attempts is that now I can plan for a better podcast. The last one wasn’t all that spectacular, and we ran out of topic material 30 minutes into a 60-minute stream.

I’m going to sit Sam down and actually come up with a series of topics to cover completely with some research. There are some things I can do by “winging it,” but I’d rather have too much material than not enough.

If you have any ideas for the show, feel free to leave them in the comment section. I’m always open to reasonable suggestions.

One of the ideas we were floating around was to go back and cover some of the topics we’ve done in the past. This way, we can really dive into them better and provide more information regarding each one.

Uploading Thursday, Shared on the Blog on Friday

Currently, we live stream the podcasts on Tuesday nights on Crossing Colorado’s YouTube channel. The plan is to then download the video, make a few adjustments, and then upload it to Anchor.

Because I have other video projects planned throughout the week, I’ll have to schedule the podcast work on Thursdays. So, next Thursday night, the episode might be available on Spotify.

Then, I’ll add the URL and info to a blog post and share it on Friday mornings. At least, that’s the tentative plan.

However, things don’t always work according to plan…especially in my chaotic world. So, I’ll do my best to stick with that particular schedule, but we won’t know if it’ll be something I can do until we get the first one out of the way.

Depending on how long the entire process takes, the podcast blog post should be in addition to the three per week I would like to publish. So, technically, four posts per week?

It’s not like the podcast will take up a huge amount of time.

Knock on wood.

The Shakedown Cruise Before 2023

I guess it’s a good thing we get all of these issues out of the way. I would love to start next year with everything moving along smoothly. A lot of that really depends on my commitment to keeping up with my work schedule.

Well, that and keeping Sam on task to come up with viable ideas.

In any case, I’m sure we’ll get a good groove going for the fitness podcast. I’m not overly stressed about it, and part of me kind of enjoys figuring out the technical issues.

It’s what made me such a great asset for tech support centers and my computer business.

Still, maybe it’s age, but I would love things just to work for once without having to rig something up. Eh, that’s what happens when you don’t have the bankroll to toss at people to do it for you, I guess.

Let’s Cross Our Fingers for Next Week

I would love to have all of this figured out before heading to Utah for Thanksgiving. That week is going to throw things out of whack considering I plan on leaving first thing Wednesday morning.

Nonetheless, I’m hoping for the first official episode to be up and ready next week.

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