Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse in 2018: Are You Fit to Lead?

Zombie Apocalypse
17 Oct

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Too many people attribute being healthy with being skinny or looking fit. In reality, this is more of a side effect. The truth is, being healthy is far more important when facing situations like a zombie apocalypse. Are you a leader or fodder?

I know it’s not realistic for a zombie apocalypse to happen in 2018. The point is to be fit to face any disaster whether it’s man-made or brought on by nature.

But since this is October, let’s take a look at what fitness does for you in the event the undead arise to make a meal of yourself and the family.

Keeping Mobile to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that something like the Walking Dead comes to fruition. Which means zombies are not sprinters, but they will swarm in absurdly large packs.

Are you fit enough right now to outrun them?

And I’m not talking a short distance here. Almost anyone can keep a step ahead of a slow-moving, rigor mortis-setting, rotting corpse. But for how long? Since a zombie doesn’t feel pain or exhaustion, it can keep following indefinitely.

What about the human element? During a zombie apocalypse, the living are just as vicious as the dead. Can you run and hide from a thug who wants your SWAT shield and helmet?

My point is being healthy boosts stamina, resilience, speed and agility. All four of these attributes will greatly come into play to survive any disaster.

During a zombie apocalypse, body positivity means absolutely nothing.

Protecting What’s Yours

You won’t be able to run from every situation. What if you’re surrounded and have no option but to fight? Whether it’s living humans or the walking dead, you’ll eventually have to throw down and protect yourself and the family.

Do you have the strength and endurance to put up a decent fight? Or do you get winded taking a few swings of the baseball bat?

Strength training and aerobics do more than just give you an attractive appearance. A zombie horde doesn’t care if you’re an underwear model or an overweight bus driver. And you’ll have to defend yourself if you want to see another day.

Not to mention having to fight off packs of living raiders who want to loot all the cans of spam you’ve collected over the weeks.

And although a rotting corpse should be fairly easy to dismantle as the flesh and bones begin to disintegrate, the living will be more resilient to attacks.

Without health and fitness backing you up, it’s only a short matter of time before you’re either dinner or mobbed in a gutter.

I’d easily play an Xbox Kinect game where I had to outrun the zombie horde. Too bad I’m not a better programmer…I’d make one.

Building Resistances and Durability

A healthy body is far more resistant to illnesses. And spending less time on your back suffering from a cold or the flu is less time you’re a prime target during a zombie apocalypse.

In fact, a healthy body is also more resistant to injury while taking less time to heal. This means when you are injured, you’ll recover quicker if you’re health and immune system are optimized. [note]AARP –[/note]

From flesh wounds to bone breaks, dealing with injuries is going to slow you down. And a fit body is only going to improve your chances of survival even if you fall off a moving vehicle.

And because the chances of finding an operational hospital during a zombie apocalypse are rare, you need to be in prime health. It’s not like you’ll find an all-night prescription drug store to get meds.

Out-thinking the Enemy

Now, zombies are not going to be the most brilliant tacticians. Essentially, they’re nothing more than walking and eating. It won’t take much to outwit the undead.

However, zombies are not the only ones walking what’s left of the landscape. Remember, you also have to outwit the living.

Practicing good health boosts brain power. Whether it’s exercise or eating right, it all contributes to maximizing the organ in your head. [note]Forbes –[/note]

I’m not saying that a quick jog around the block and a cup of blueberries will turn you into Einstein’s younger brother or sister. However, regular routines will impact how you think and process information.

In fact, intensive training boosts memory function as well. It’s all related to how your brain operates, and being healthy gives you an advantage during any disaster including a zombie apocalypse. [note]Science Daily –[/note]

Think of Fitness as Survival Training

Let’s go beyond the zombie apocalypse for a moment. Ask yourself honestly, “If a disaster happened right now, would I survive long?” Unfortunately, a large portion of the United States would have to say, “no.”

That’s because not everyone puts in the same amount of effort to live a healthier lifestyle. I know I don’t.

Case in point, too many obese people try to flaunt how healthy they are because their “blood work came back awesome.” But if you’re legs, knees and ankles are incapable of supporting your weight up a flight of stairs or down a street as zombies and raiders come chasing you, it doesn’t matter.

How much effort would it take someone to help you out of a sink hole? Can you fit yourself through a small window to escape a fire? How long can you run from a zombie apocalypse before you collapse and gasp for air?

I know at this moment, I would be more of a hindrance to friends and family. But I’m doing what I can to change that.

And that’s where a lot of people fail. They just don’t seem to care if they’re capable of surviving disasters. After all, it’s not like a zombie apocalypse happens every day.

But what about hurricanes? Are you fit enough to face a magnitude eight or better earthquake? What about a tsunami or even a tornado?

Improve Your Chances of Survival

A zombie apocalypse is probably the last thing on the list of disasters to be scared of. However, climate change is affecting Earth in ways that pose almost as great of a threat.

While it’s more likely that the Yellowstone caldera will erupt before a zombie horde comes after you, the focus remains the same. It’s all about survival.

Increase your chances by increasing your health. You never know what disaster you’ll be faced with next.[template id=”3591″]

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