Why Six-Pack Ab Workouts Don’t Work

Six-Pack Ab Workouts
12 Apr

Whether you’re searching through Google or seeing advertisements on TV, it seems everyone has the “best” method for six-pack ab workouts. Unfortunately, not all of them work. Not because they are failed products or procedures, but because of several personal factors. The biggest impact to why these kinds of platforms don’t work is the individual. Not everyone will have the same experience with exercise routines or fitness products. Read More

7 Great Easy to Do Butt Exercises

Glute Bridge
14 Mar

Your butt does more for you than merely turn heads as you walk by. These glute muscles contribute to general movement as well as a plethora of things you do in everyday life. However, it may be nice to impress yourself when throwing on those tight clothes or the bathing suit. Don’t think of butt exercises as vain, but more of a way to improve your overall lifestyle. Read More

Exercise: Air Bicycle

Air Bicycle
04 Mar

The air bicycle is an easy to do exercise that helps strengthen the core without a great deal of impact. Essentially, it centers around keeping your legs up and the abdomen tight. For those who are just starting out, it can be a great way to start your day by building onto your abs and getting the blood flowing. This is one of those exercises that is easy to do for virtually anyone regardless of body size. Read More