Cycflix: A Good Idea…For the First Six Months

Cycflix Entertainment
07 Aug

Many of us often fall victim to binge watching on Netflix. It’s quite easy to get sucked into a season of your favorite show for hours on end. But what if you’re trying to be healthy? Enter in the Cycflix. The idea is to help enhance your fitness while you waste your time trying to catch up on “The Walking Dead” or any other show. However, it may have a shorter lifespan than what many might think. Read More

500G Challenge: Day 2

Cadbury Egg
09 Mar

Day one was a success even though I pigged out at Taco Bell at lunch. Today, I won’t have the luxury of being in town to do that again. That’s OK, though. I really don’t need that many calories. I am feeling really good today about burning more and keeping myself from over-doing any of my meals. I do need to note that my glutes and hamstrings are killing me thanks to my workout yesterday. Read More