How Fast Can You Lose 80 Pounds without Surgeries?

Lose 80 Pounds
13 Dec

Losing any amount of weight is subjective to the person. While some of us can shed weight easily, others may have a more difficult time. The most important thing to realize is that everyone is different when it comes to their unique physiology. With that being said, how long will it take you to lose 80 pounds? Read More

How Walking and Strength Training Help You Lose Fat

Lose Weight Walking
17 Nov

One of the quickest ways to lose fat is to eat a proper diet and get plenty of cardio. But can walking and strength training help lose body fat? Depends on your workout routines and the intensity of your walks. The trick is to do activity that gets your heart rate up to the point of putting your body into “cardio mode.” Read More

How to Do a Net 600 Calorie Diet the Right Way

Net 600 Calorie Diet
10 Nov

Thinking about trying a 600 calorie diet to lose some weight? Some people have a hard time restricting themselves to such small numbers. In fact, consuming less than 1000 can be very bad for the body.

However, my diet is more focused on “net” calories. It’s much different as it focuses more on food versus activity. Let me explain. Read More

7 Ways to Exercise When it’s Cold Outside

Cold Outside
08 Nov

The winter months have potential for making exercise difficult for many. This is especially true if you live up in the mountains of Colorado. Sure you can go to the gym in a nice warm and cozy facility when it’s cold outside, but what if you don’t have the money for that? Perhaps you don’t have transportation to get to the gym. In either case, you can still work up a sweat at home. Read More

What is My Net 600 Diet and Why Do It?

What is My Net 600 Diet and Why Do It?
05 Nov

So, I am trying a new type of diet for myself. This is an experimental thing, but has merit for being successful. My Net 600 diet consists of restricting myself to 600 net calories every day. Now, this is different from total calories. The end result should be my body burning twice as I consume. Here is the breakdown of how it’s possible. Read More