How the Xbox Kinect Is Still a Great Workout Tool

Kinect Workout Tool
10 Jan

I am in Day 3 of a personal case study to demonstrate Avengers: Battle for Earth, weighted gloves and weight loss. It’s been a while since I stood in front of the Xbox 360, and I am definitely feeling the burn. I knew the Xbox was a good workout tool, I just never thought of how much of an impact it truly makes. Read More

How Walking and Strength Training Help You Lose Fat

Lose Weight Walking
17 Nov

One of the quickest ways to lose fat is to eat a proper diet and get plenty of cardio. But can walking and strength training help lose body fat? Depends on your workout routines and the intensity of your walks. The trick is to do activity that gets your heart rate up to the point of putting your body into “cardio mode.” Read More

7 Ways to Exercise When it’s Cold Outside

Cold Outside
08 Nov

The winter months have potential for making exercise difficult for many. This is especially true if you live up in the mountains of Colorado. Sure you can go to the gym in a nice warm and cozy facility when it’s cold outside, but what if you don’t have the money for that? Perhaps you don’t have transportation to get to the gym. In either case, you can still work up a sweat at home. Read More

7 Effective Exercises to Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Effective Exercises
18 Oct

When it comes to specific results, some activities are simply better than others. While every form of physical movement is beneficial to a person’s health, pushing yourself a bit further burns more fat and calories. So, what are some effective exercises that can help you drop weight as quickly as possible? Read More

Top 5 Reasons Why Cardio Workouts Are Important in Life

Cardio Workouts
30 May

Cardio workouts, aka aerobics, do more than just help you burn fat. In fact, doing activity that increases your heart rate does an incredible amount of good for the body. It’s more than just stepping on a scale and not cringing from the results. It’s about keeping yourself alive longer and happier. Read More